MIT Press turned down my book

Never said it was. That’s just you misrepresenting my position.

I said that YOU were being a jerk for getting all sarcastic about my posts. I both offered my sympathy for the OP, and explained some of the problems that have led university presses to cut back on the number of manuscripts that they accept. I’m sorry if those concepts are too difficult for you to grasp.

No, I was not misrepresenting your position; I was challenging its importance.

I’m sorry if that concept is too difficult for you to grasp.

You were doing both. Apparently, you can multitask at dishonesty and whining.

Can you rewrite it to include vampires? I hear books with vampires in them are all the rage nowadays.

Sorry to hear that. They turned me down, too. But there are plenty of other academic presses out there, and I eventually got my book published by Oxford University Press.

OUP, I should note, has a history of publishing previously unpublished authors, and they cover just about all subjects. They’re definitely worth a shot.