Mixed Media Recycling?

I need to dump a whole lot of CDs.
I’m not going to take them to sell at a used record store because we’re talking about hundreds of copies of the same album- mine. I’ll keep some but this is the older release and when I do manage any new sales it’s always downloads, not actual CDs.

I’d prefer to recycle rather than trash but this would be:
Paper inserts
inside of
Plastic jewel cases with plastic CDs
wrapped in
packed in
Cardboard boxes

Well, there’s hundreds of them and I am NOT going to open them all up and separate the components. I could be talked into emptying them out of the cardboard boxes, but that’s as far as I’ll go.

So, can I put these out with my recyclables?
Or do they have to go out with the trash?

P.S. If you like Comedy Pop/Rock songs with an irreverent, sometimes vulgar, sense of humor, PM me your mailing address if you want a free copy to save some of these which are otherwise on their way to the curb.


Well, trash day is tomorrow, so unless anyone has any last minute suggestions …

Take the box to Goodwill and they’ll give a donation rcpt to use on 2015 taxes.

They might sell them even, spread your talent to unfortunates and savvy shoppers. :wink:

Look into this if you have a Bull Moose near you: http://www.bullmoose.com/content/ConsignInfo
They have a program for artists to sell their CDs through Bull Moose stores.

There are places that will accept CDs for recycling but you need to pay the postage to get the discs to them. They prefer the things be broken down into the various components, but some appear to operate in partnership with groups like Goodwill to give jobs to disabled adults, and request a donation to keep the recycling program free.

*CD, DVD Discs and packaging
We ask that disc recyclables be sent in separated, and disassembled – disc / paper / case. If you cannot do this disassembly, the adult members at this work center will do it for you – but please help them help you. Make a donation to CD Recycling Center of America for the good work that the people do for you and the environment. *

From: http://www.cdrecyclingcenter.com/centers/submission

Thanks, gotpasswoords, that’s good info.
I’m afraid the shipping costs would be way too much for me right now but it’s good to know that such organizations exist.