MLB 2021 Playoffs

Based on my recollection of watching G Cole when I followed the Pirates, he likes to work the corners. If he can’t get the strike on the edge of the plate, he has a tendency to try to beat hitters with fast balls & occasional curves out over the plate. And sometimes, they get smacked toward the fences. OTOH, if he can hit the corners, get good movement, then he’s hard to hit. It doesn’t look like he’s got his best stuff tonight

Not the start I was hoping for and Stanton should be ashamed of himself.

The White Sox start the playoffs against the cheating, garbage can banging Astros. Let’s go, White Sox! Beat those cheating bastards!!

Cole at 35 pitches after only 1 2/3 innings.

That was a good out pitch by Cole

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Its sad that the cheatstros are lower than the Giants to this Dodgers fan. They need a postseason ban for 5 years and to be stripped of their championship.

More A-Rodisms:

Schwarber’s mammoth home run “indicates Cole doesn’t have his best stuff tonight.”

Cole’s probably fucked. He’s not hitting the corners. When he needs a strike he serves it up over the plate; other than that he’s wild

They mostly got away with it, which means a very similar thing will happen again soon.

I dont know how A-Roid even got the job. He was a cheater and he isnt a very good color man.


Cole pulled at 50 pitches.
Yanks season looking bad.

I’m surprised he hasn’t run down from the booth to try to knock the ball out of a Red Sox fielder’s hand.

That pitch change might have saved the Yankees season - guess we’ll find out


Perfect relief job there

I switched to the ESPN2 statcast just to get away from him.

A blast and a bloop

Anyone surprised Evoldi was pulled?

I am, also happy.

It would be 4-3 Yanks if this were being played in the Bronx.

Holy crap. What a play by the Boston D.

A blunder by Nevin in sending Judge home.

Yankees coaching has been bad all year.