MLB 2021 Playoffs

I think it’s time for changes in New York. Boone had his chance. Change the coaches, deal Sanchez and Urshela, sign Rizzo, Gallo, and Judge, give short to Velazquez, give Florial a chance, see what you can get for Frazier, let some sucker take Chapman off our hands.

Welp, I think my baseball season just ended.

Agree — the Astros should have had that championship stripped from them.

That was fun.

One hated team eliminated.

Now, if the Cards can somehow win tomorrow…

Hate the Dodgers but I feel for them here. This sociopathic douche is trying to grab attention for himself. Press, you do not need to report on everything that is posted on social media.

Also an FU to me who cursed Angels management for missing out on yet another star pitcher. How wrong I was.

That Bauer will collect 40 mil next season even if he doesnt play disgusts me. Even if charged and convicted he will be sitting on tens of millions of dollars.

Apparently that’s what Stanton thought as he stood at home plate admiring his non-home runs instead of running the bases.

It’s been fun reading the apocalyptic pre and post-game coverage in the N.Y. Post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, you didn’t know at the time.

Bauer’s a fucking sicko and psycho - I knew there was something messed up with that guy with some of his antics during his Cleveland years.

Meh, I think it’s kinda overblown. I wonder how many World Series pitchers have had dominant performances by spitting on, pine tarring, scuffing, or otherwise doctoring balls over the years. Teams cheat, they try to get an edge. It doesn’t make it right and there ought to be meaningful sanctions (loss of draft picks, maybe even allowing anyone on the team to declare free agency), but stripping a team of a title seems extreme.

Re: tonight’s matchup, I wish I could feel confident about the Cards chances, but I think Scherzer beats Wainwright probably 80% of the time. Waino’s had some good games but he’s also had some Kershaw-like performances in big games as well. I have a bad feeling that Scherzer will pitch 6 solid innings and Waino will get bounced after 2 innings or so. Flaherty’s the wildcard. I wonder just how short Waino’s leash will be and whether Flaherty would get the ball in a spot start.

Have the Dodgers considered awarding Bauer official drone coverage of their playoff games?

The only good news is that this probably isn’t true as the LA times article says MLB can suspend him without pay indefinitely. MLB, the Dodgers and his teammates don’t want him back so even if no charges are pressed, and it was consensual, I doubt he will ever be paid for stepping on a baseball field again.

I would guess zero in the past 40 years. If the umpires or opposing team doesn’t notice it, TV cameras will.

I was under the impression there was usually a clause in athletes contracts that voided them in cases of “immoral or illegal conduct that harms the organization” or something like that

Well probably watching the last Cards game of the season. Should be glad I’ve got an extra game to watch.

I know this falls in the ‘no shyte’ category, but the only chance they have is to knock Scherzer out early. There’s no way the Cards win if it’s a low scoring game. If it’s a 9-6 8-7 game, the Cards have a shot.

Okay here we go. This should be a good game!

Wild pitch! STL draws first blood.

Stop the count! Stop the count!

Okay, I’m doing my Joe Morgan impression: we’ll know a lot more about this game the second time through the order

Wow, Joe West calling the high strike - who woulda thought