MLB 2k10

I bought this last weekend for the PC, and I am really getting into it, especially the “My Player” section…

However, the instructions are worse than horrible…

Wondering if anyone else is playing this…???

I’m contemplating it. I got it two years ago and really liked it. I heard last year’s was plagued with problems. I’m assuming the development team got their shit together this year, though.

This one is pretty good so far, although i have seen a few AI issues like the 2nd baseman caught the ball and then held it even though I was like 15-20 steps away from first base and he never threw it.

I am trying to figure out how to steal a base (or for hit and run) but can’t do it even with the instructions…I know I must be doing something wrong.

Are home runs super common in this game? I remember getting many more homers than I should get with Placido Polanco.

I’ve been thinking about buying this one, but only because I don’t have a PS3 and thus can’t play MLB '10 The Show. But there’s a part of me that fundamentally opposes spending $60 on a game when a far superior version exists but, alas, is unavailable to me. Settling for 2K10 just because I can’t play The Show just seems wrong somehow.

I only paid $29 for this…for my PC.

Ok, I finally figured out the stupid base stealing on the PC.

I have a Logitech gamepad…

Once on base, you lead off by pressing the top right button on the “edge” of the controller. not sure what the official name of that button is. From first or third base, you can lead off 4 steps (usually they’ll throw if you go more than 3 tho), and from 2nd you can lead off 2 steps.

When you hit the button for your last lead-off, hold the button in. Then hold in the bottom left button on the “edge”. Release the buttons when you want to run.

Ha, how funny-- I just got this on Saturday, had trouble with it, thought “I need to find someone who knows how to play this damn thing.”

Okay, so: how do you play?

Let’s start with pitching. I have zero idea what I’m doing here. Every pitch I threw was at best “weak” but more often than not a wild pitch. I’m not getting the stick mechanic-- can someone walk me through that, like I’m a moron who has never played a video game before?

(I’m not a moron, and I’ve played plenty of video games… but MLB2K10 made me feel like one).

Hitting: same deal. Am I just using the right analog stick, nothing with the left? I’m not getting it.

I tried the drills, figured they’d walk me through what I needed to do, but nooo…

Thanks for any help…

Like I said in the first post, this game is less than intuative, and the instructions might as well not be included…

I think I know how to do just about everything now, except scale the outfield wall to make a catch…

As far as pitching, I watched a video on YouTube that I found somewhere and that explained it pretty well. The bottom line is that every pitch has 2 motions. Let’s take a fastball for example. The diagram shows that as moving your stick straight down, then straight up.

You make the first motion (stick straight down) and then there is a circle that will start expanding over the strike zone. When it gets to the circle size that already exists, then you make the 2nd part of the pitching motion, in this case stick straight up.

How close you are in having the 2 circles match determines how strong your throw is, as well as how close to your target your pitch will be.

The other stick is used to choose your pitch location - move the stick and then hold it in place as you make your pitching motions with the other stick.

As for hitting, the left stick is used to aim where you want to hit - flyball, ground ball, pull the pitch, etc. The right stick directs how to hit - pushing forward only is a “contact” swing. Pulling back and then pushing forward is a power swing. Swinging left or right is a defensive swing.

Like I said there are some videos on YouTube that show this, but I can’t find them right now… Hope this helps - if you have other questions, feel free to ask and I will try and answer.

Actually, that’s a HUGE help… thanks, I’ll try it out tonight…

I found the following site in my notes with good info on how to play…

I also posted this in the digital distribution thread, but this game’s on sale right now at, for digital download, for $2.99. I’m gettin’ it since I was on the fence before.

I think everyone who’s posted here already has the game, so don’t shoot the messenger. :slight_smile:

If anyone is tempted to get the PC version at Gamestop today (because it has a one-day sale for $3.99 US), don’t. It refused to validate my card while, in the background, it actually was in fact charging it, and I know of at least one other person who suffered the same fate. At this point, when/if their customer service gets back to me, I’ll probably cancel the entire thing.

EBGames has it on sale too? Weird.

$3? For 2K10? How is it that cheap already? Does it suck that bad? I love The Show on my ps3.

If I didn’t already have it I would have certainly jumped on it for $3… it is tons of fun and the only thing I play for now…