MLB All Star Games: AL v. NL record?

I heard the AL has won something like the last 8 All-Star games, now? So, what’s the score nowadays AL v. NL? Did the AL pull ahead in the win column, or still catching up the NL? - Jinx

The NL still owns a 40-34 edge overall (2 games ended in ties).

All-Star Game History (

The National League has won 40 times, the American League has won 34 times, and there have been 2 ties.

The National League dominated the All-Star Game for a very long time. A mere 8 game streak (assuming you don’t count the tie in 2002) by the A.L. isn’t enough to make up for that.

The All-Star Game has been, historically, almost bizarrely streaky. Assuming that the leagues are always relatively close in talent, which is a pretty safe assumption, the way the results have streaked almost defies belief.

The current AL 8-game win streak was preceded by a 3-game NL win streak. But before that the AL won six in a row. Of course, from 1972 to 1982 the NL won ELEVEN in a row, and from 1963 to 1970, eight in a row, giving them 19 out of 20 games in one stretch - a staggering accomplishment.