MLB: April 2015

Grr, the Cubs game isn’t until tonight. It’s a glorious day here in Chicago, perfect for a day game. But , of course, ESPN demands a night game since obviously ratings on Easter Sunday afternoon aren’t going to be the same as at night. Plus the Cubs are going up against a Blackhawks/Blues game also being played in Chicago.

Still, I’m ready for baseball!

I, for one, am looking forward to how long the Cubs can hold on to the best record in baseball after tonight.

God, I miss baseball.

Yes, here we go! My Dodgers are the consensus pick for the NL West, so that worries me, of course. We have a bit of a bullpen issue still, it appears, until Kenley gets back from his foot operation. Hope Kemp hurts us a little bit, but not much, in the opening series with the Padres.

I’ll be in the stands tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing whatever tribute there is for Kemp. Plus, Kershaw vs. Shields? Not a bad way to kick off the season.

I’m glad to see Pederson made the team, but I’m a little worried. Overall, he had a great spring, but there was a whole lot of drop off in the last week or so. Meanwhile, Ethier managed to get hot towards the end. So how disgruntled is Ethier going to be sitting on the bench?

I saw recently that Joc had 20 starts in center this spring, Ethier had 5. Hard not be disgruntled, I’d think. He’s gonna lose some potentially very productive years if the Dodgers can’t move him or play him.

If Ethier wants to play, he has to relearn how to hit. It’s that simple. I’m liking Pederson even with the fall-off. The kid’s got moxie, and if Mattingly leaves him in during the slumps, he’ll learn how to power through them.

But yeah, the Vegas line last week was heartening.

About time.

I know this was brought up in another thread, but I’m not entirely sure how I feel about the ESPN strike zone. I prefer the way TBS does it. I’m sure I’ll get used to it, but it feels a bit jarring.

Cubs already losing

that’s it I’m done watching baseball this year

And thus, dreams of an Opening Night no-hitter evaporated.

Cards win, Cubs lose, baseball is being played, and all’s right with the world.

now the opening night jitters are over

Cubs still are on pace for 161-1

The Giants start this season with almost the same roster that they ended last season with, so I guess that 4th World Series in 6 years is pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point…right?

They open with Madison Bumgarner on the mound, which is “just fine”. After that, things get “shaky”. The word is that Jake Peavy, who was scheduled to start Game 2, may be held out because he needs more time to get his arm in shape (apparently six months wasn’t enough). So it looks like the starting rotation is Bumgarner, Cain (assuming his elbow is good now after getting 3.2 metric tons of gravel scraped out of it), Hudson (assuming he forgets he turns 40 this summer), and “anybody who can eat up innings until we can make a trade for some more starting pitching”. The rest of the team should be fine, assuming that Hunter Pence makes it back from his broken hand quickly and with no lingering effects, and nobody else on the team gets any kind of injury, not even a hangnail, all season.

So…it looks like the strategy this year is to use smoke, mirrors, baling wire, chewing gum, blood, sweat, tears, spinning wheel, 220, 221…whatever it takes to somehow claw their way into the post-season, and then turn it over to whatever voodoo magic it is that Bruce Bochy employs in the playoffs.

Seems like a solid plan to me!

Hear, hear.

I was really pleased to see 4 stolen bases and 1 attempt by the Cards last night. They didn’t run much last season.

And Rosenthal got his three outs without spotting the Cubs any baserunners.

Interesting article about trends to watch for this year.

I particularly thought the pitch height data was interesting. The strike zone has gradually been getting lower and pitchers have noticed. That is, until the playoffs last year when umpires suddenly called a higher zone. Looks like a case of “everyone’s watching now - we need offense!” Let’s see if it continues early in 2015.

Yeah, you also used to have a third baseman, as I recall. Your management really seems to have punted the off-season.

No one has punted like the Braves have. Reloading for 2017, but this year and next are going to SUCK.

Everyday players, we will have three players returning from last year, everyone else is either an unproven youngster or a retread who is just there to fill a spot in the line-up.

But we have gone from having one of the three worst rated farm systems to having a top 5 farm system in one offseason. And unloaded a shitload of salary.

Pedey and Mookie have both now jacked Hamels. This guy is the ace we need?

Make that 2 for Pedey and 1 for Hanley too.