MLB: April 2021

Another nice MLB.TV feature is you can change the audio to the radio feed and it is synchronised to the video. I’ve been doing this often.

Roberto Alomar was placed on MLB’s ineligible list today following an investigation into sexual misconduct.

80% of MLB is vaccinated. I’m shocked it got this high, but hopefully this means no more games lost to Covid. MLB vaccination rate tops 80%, league says

How do you do that? I’m dying with these stand-in Nats announcers tonight.

They could add two expansion teams. Especially if they could get ownership groups that will spend money for top talent it would provide ~10% dilution to the talent pool and if paired with a reduction in the number of pitchers carried on the roster we would certainly see worse pitchers more often.

I’m all for expansion - I’d add SIX more teams if you could find the billionaires to invest in it - but it won’t make any difference in strikeouts; you’re also promoting a bunch of inferior hitters. Anyway, the talent level comes back up pretty quickly.

I thought about the hitting dilution which why I paired expansion with decreasing the numbers of pitchers on the roster. This would allow more batting platoons which would allow for lower skilled hitters to perform better while eliminating more of the loogy pitchers so we’d see a larger decrease in pitching.

You’re right about the talent coming back quickly though it would probably only be a “fix” for a decade at best but that goes for most of the changes because the next generation will adapt.

I do like this idea. I believe Baseball Prospectus had some kind of elaborate proposal for how to reduce this over a couple of years - a proposal that would have the added benefit of reducing pitching changes.

There’s a tv icon in the top right once you’ve selected a game, click on it and you can change the video or audio feed.

I personally think the explosion of pitchers carried on rosters is one of the major factors in longer, less interesting games. If you’ve always got a fresh arm ready in the bullpen for every matchup, it makes it really hard on late-inning offense. Plus all the time used up with pitching changes.

Seems to me back in the 90s the “normal” number of pitchers on a roster was 11, or even 10 sometimes (source: my board game baseball rosters from back then). Now that teams carry 13 or 14, it’s just ridiculous - an AL team with 14 pitchers has only 3 guys on the bench!

So yeah, restrict the number of pitchers on rosters, and enforce the time rules on the books - there’s two things that would go a long way toward improving the game. (And get rid of the three-batter minimum while we’re at it - ask Joe Girardi why that’s a horrible rule.)

Thanks Dale.

Yeah, it was 10-11 as recently as the early 90s.

Since it’s May now, there’s a new MLB thread: