MLB: May 2021

Here’s a fresh thread for May, let’s hope for fewer Covid and weather postponements this month. Surprises so far are the Yankees struggling as well as the Giants in first place? I assume the end of May will look different for both as the NL West becomes Dodgers/Padres and the Yankees have too much talent to be towards the bottom

There was a stat last night in the extra inning Dodgers-Brewers game. On May 1, 1920 the Brooklyn Dodgers played the Boston Braves in a 26-inning no-decision game. That took 3 hours and 50 minutes before they called it. The game last night took longer than that to be done in 11 innings, even with the man on second crap.

Very nice complete game from Scherzer today Max Scherzer complete game lifts Nationals

Old school complete game, too bad he lost the shutout

Too bad they can’t play the Marlins every day.

Yankees are at .500 and only 2.5 games behind first place Boston. Not panicking.

Today’s game took only 2 hours and 14 minutes. What a joy.

Kluber looked excellent and gave the Yanks 8 innings. Batters stayed in the box for the most part. It felt like a throw back game. As a bonus, only 4 pitchers were used total.

I sure with we had 50 games against Detroit.

Good Lord they’re bad. Detroit is batting under .200 as a team, and score fewer than three runs a game. Unfortunately the pitching sucks too.

Interestingly, the highest scoring team in the AL is Chicago, who have hit the FEWEST home runs.

As to my team, the Blue Jays, they’re playing pretty well but what’s alarming is the astounding number of injuries they’ve had. Three more players went on the IL yesterday. I think about 15-20 players have spent time on the IL since spring training. More than half the pitching staff is on the IL.

The Blue Jays have already used 20 pitchers. The Blue Jays franchise existed for thirteen years before they used that many pitchers in an entire season. I do not think this is a good thing, either for the current team or the way baseball happens in general nowadays.

Really fun Mets game vs the Phillies last night. (Always an entertaining matchup.)

On a single by José Peraza, Villar goes first-to-third on a weird fielding error by Rhys Hoskins. Even though he retrieved the ball, Hoskins seemed mentally checked out and Villar then sprinted for home, scoring a run.

The Phillies rally in the 9th and get some dudes on base. When Hopkins gets to the plate, he smacks a game-tying three-run homer off Edwin Diaz to make it 8-8. Except, he didn’t. Under ump review it was determined to be a ground rule double. It’s 8-7, Diaz makes quick work of Bryce Harper, Mets win!

What a game. Runs were scored, bullpens collapsed, there was some wacky shit on defense, and all of Philadelphia is salty about the no-homer. Put me in a good mood for a whole day.

It is one of baseball’s weirdnesses that despite making an obvious error, Hoskins could not be charged with an error - mental mistakes can’t be counted as errors - which goes to show you how weird and inaccurate that statistic is.

Errors are a pointless statistic, but I never understood why the definitions of statistics were a matter of baseball rules in the first place. None of those numbers have any meaning within the game, so why does the league even concern itself with how they are defined? Makes no sense.

Looks like Yankee bats are finally waking up, with the exception of Rip Van Sanchez. Good to see the minor leagues up tomorrow. So nice to see the games on tv with real fans in the stands.

Really weird story about the Washington Nationals announcer who’s been missing in action for several days now. They claim it’s not for health, and I don’t know of any hot mic issues or problematic social media stuff. And, that sort of stuff always gets out anyway.

Perhaps he’s got a major family problem that they’re all trying to avoid dragging out in public. He might be a (minor) celebrity, but they aren’t

Such as kid tried to commit suicide, wife caught in bed with neighbor, other kid diagnosed with cancer, etc.

Another thing may be him butting heads with MASN, they went cheap and cut the pregame and post game shows this season for the Nats.

Clayton Kershaw chased in the first inning in the shortest outing of his career after giving up 4 runs in the first inning to the Cubs.

And it’s not gotten better since. What a craptcular performance by LA today.

Ugh, I slept awful last night and ended up napping through that first Cubs game, may have to watch it on replay on MLB.TV

DeGrom is scratched for tonight, was definitely looking forward to watching him tonight. Jacob deGrom scratched from start vs. Cardinals