MLB: May 2021

Looks like you couldn’t have anyway: the game appears to have been rained out.

Yeah, and if it was just him being scratched because they didn’t want him to go an inning or so before rain, that would have been completely understandable. But, looks like it’s lateral soreness and he’s shut down for a few days. I’d just put him on the 10 day IL immediately but I’m not paid the big bucks.

I don’t know what they are salty about, the ball clearly bounced off the railing and back into the field, if it had hit the top of the railing it would have bounced into the stands. But I wouldn’t expect Philly fans to understand the physics of a ball in motion :wink:

I didn’t see it live even though I have MLB.TV becasue of the ESPN blackout. And since it was on ESPN with the extra commercials it lasted almost 4 hours which meant the archive wasn’t available until almost 12:45

Yeah, I tend to be about a day behind because of blackout shennanigans and it’s just easier to watch the archives than interrupt my west-coast schedule to watch east-coast games.

WHOOO! CUBBIEWUBBIEWUBBIES!!! Sweeping Dodgers. Feel so bad for Dustin May. He is a great pitcher and hope he rebounds next season.

So this Giancarlo Stanton guy looks pretty good, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in the Pinstripes before this year though. We had some other guy, but not this one.

Does anyone think Gardner can really turn it around this year? I didn’t think he should have been back last year, but now I really don’t get it.

Bigger issue, can Sanchez pull it together and be anything close to the hitter he promised his first two seasons?

No talk of the John Means no hitter?

The only batter to reach base reached on a third strike wild pitch; Means is the first pitcher to ever throw a non-perfect-game no hitter in which none of the baserunners got on via walk, HBP, or error.

Sanchez is such a weird hitter that I don’t know what he is or isn’t capable of.

Over the last four years he’s hitting .198 across 1,076 plate appearances. That can’t be a fluke. Hitting .198 over a month or two can be a fluke; over the equivalent of two seasons it is not. I think. His BABIP is .212 over that period, which is bizarrely low for a guy who hits the ball hard, so MAYBE he’s been crazy unlucky?

Mentioned in its own thread from last night, though with no replies so far.

Man, that’s a terrible way to lose a perfect game. What inning was the wild pitch?

He wasn’t supposed to be playing so much, but yeah, he looks done. Frazier has looked lost as well, but hopefully he picks it up and we only see Brett as an occasional defensive replacement and spot starter. Trading Tauchman was a mystifying decision on top of it all.

It’s early, but Chapman has been really impressive. I was beginning to sour on him for obvious reasons, but adding a third pitch and regaining velocity has made him scary out there. His number are stupid: 38 batters faced and 26 Ks… a SO9 of 21.3. HIs FIP is -0.81.

Putting myself in Cashman’s position, Tauchman brought back some value and was expendable with two kids pushing up in the minors it kind of makes sense. But I would have not traded him and not signed Gardy myself. But it isn’t like Tauchman is lighting up the NL West either.

As to Chapman, he’s been incredible so far. I love the .455 WHIP also.

Led by Chapman, the Yanks bullpen has been the strength of the team so far. Of their top 6 relievers by innings, 5 are at a 1.35 ERA or lower.

I’ve been high on Loaisiga for quite a while, so I’m happy to see him getting more prime time. Even more exciting, Zack Britton should be back in June.

This team has the pieces, they just need better production from Gary, Hicksy and Gleyber (where did his power go?)

I think it was the 3rd.

30-year-old backup outfielders aren’t difficult to replace.

While I’d agree Brett Gardner is toast, I’m not convinced Clint Frazier is. He’s walking a lot and has a few homers. His batting average is likely pretty flukey.

Today’s baseball is so historically unprecedented, with everyone striking out all the time and hitting .230, that it’s hard to make sense of a guy’s statistics after 25 games. There was once a time when if a guy was hitting .143 in early May and striking out in a third of his at bats I’d be concerned, but now I’m not so sure. Frazier is only six hits from having the MLB batting average. One hit a week, basically (and that would put his OBP well ABOVE the league average.)

Albert Pujols designated for assignment

He’s been awful, but it’s still weird to actually see it.

I had known that he’d not been playing anywhere close to his earlier level for a while, but I hadn’t realized just how bad it’s been, nor for how long. Looking at Baseball Reference, he hasn’t posted a WAR above 1.0 since 2016.

Dude was only successful in 74% of his stolen base attempts. Scrub.

OTOH, he hadn’t been caught stealing even once in the past six years!

Washington Nationals smoking the Yankees tonight. It’s enjoyable.