MLB Hot Stove / Offseason 2013-2014

I’ve seen some recent off-season items posted both here and in a hot stove thread from last year, so let’s go ahead and have one place for it.

Just to kick things off, some of the tidbits thus far:

[li]Brad Ausmus is named coach of the Tigers[/li][li]Don Mattingly is sticking around to manage the Dodgers another year[/li][li]A-Rod’s appeals case rolls on[/li][li]The Mariners’ coaching search continues[/li][/ul]

So what else is news? What’s happening with your team?

The first thing I have to say is I love Ausmus as new Tigers manager. I was hoping so much they would get an ex-catcher who really knew how to manage a pitching staff, and Ausmus was the best of the reasonable options. I think Leyland was a horrible manager, costing them game after game by blindly guessing what to do with his pitchers. A guy who can actually judge if the guy is done at 90 or looks good for 130 will get them ~10 more games next year.

We’re still cleaning up from the Swan Boat parade.

Need to decide who to keep/will stay:

Napoli-wants to stay, should want him back
Drew-Bye bye (IMO)

What can we get for a team’s choice of players not on the 40 man?

Leyland was a catcher (originally signed by the Tigers in 1963). :slight_smile:

Even if you argue that Ausmus will better understand the needs of modern pitchers, he’ll need awhile to attain Leyland’s level of experience on other matters.*

*it’d be fun to update Bill Veeck’s “armchair managers” gambit using the vast trove of Doper baseball experience. With the revolution in personal electronics, interested parties could be instant messaged with requests for strategy (steal? take out the pitcher now?) and a team functionary could implement the consensus decision almost instantaneously. Think of the money teams would save.

Who are the biggest FAs out there this year? Cano and Ellsbury, who else?

McCann and Choo are going to be big ones. Garza is probably the biggest pitcher. The FA market is pretty barren really.

I am guessing that Cano stays a Yankee, Napoli stays with Boston but other than that I don’t have a real guess.

I am going to guess that LA is going to post a high fee to get Tanaka and will NOT trade for David Price. Ethier is probably going to be traded with LA eating all of his salary in return for a prospect and Joc Peterson get’s called up before June because of injuries to Kemp/Crawford.

One of my first memories of Ausmus was when he was the catcher for the Astros during their 6 pitcher no-hitter against the Yankees. I kept thinking how much the catcher had to be responsible for something like that, and always kept an eye on him ever since. I’m excited for him.

Yes, The details of how to smoke in the dugout tunnel while never having the cameras pointed that way, and how to never care one way or the other; win or loss; are mysteries that no future manger will possess.

I hope not. I know Red Sox Nation is big on Jackie Bradley, Jr. but he’s very unproven. If Ellsbury is gone, I certainly hope they don’t blow what could have been his money on Choo.

The teams I’ve heard that could be players for Ellsbury are Seattle (close to home - Oregon) and Texas.

Boras won’t let him take a hometown discount in Boston (and before you say, I realize, IN THEORY, the agent works for the player)

If he wanted to take a hometown discount he wouldn’t have Boras for an agent.

And with Ausmus’ new gig with the Tigers, Lloyd McClendon is hired by Seattle. Can’t say I’m sorry to see him leave Detroit.

Now the Tig’s need a new hitting coach. Maybe Rick Renteria if the Cubs don’t take him? He’s got ties to both Dombrowski (Marlins) and Ausmus (Padres).

There’s just no way of knowing. He looked like the next Joe Hardy against spring training pitching, but did nothing starting in April. His hitting was pretty ordinary even in AAA.

I’d be more interested in signing Granderson for 2-3 years, maybe including Bradley and Middlebrooks in an offer for Giancarlo Stanton. The team has made it clear they don’t want to move Victorino to CF, but Stanton in RF would be nice.

I’ve seen half the teams in MLB listed as possibilities, even with his ordinary WS. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see him stay.

First the Cubs cut ties with Old Style, and now WGN? They’re doing away with all the things that made me fall in love with them.

What, the suits at Wrigley think I cared about the Cubbies because they were good?

More fluke than achievement, so I doubt Ausmus had much to do with it.

And now they’ve gone and hired Rick Renteria, my choice to be the Tigers’ new hitting coach. You’re dead to me Cubs.

The Blue Jays refuse to offer Josh Johnson a qualifying offer; it would have cost them $14.1 million in 2014 for a 2-8 pitcher. Consequently, if he leaves, Toronto receives no draft compensation.

Johnson’s fate is undecided at this time. The Jays would probably take him back at a reduced price.

I would. He is way out of their new salary model. Boras said last week that the Crawford deal signed with Epstein as GM was the starting point and that is was an old contract. Scott wants more.

The Giants sign Tim Hudson for 2 years, $23 million.

Everyone I’ve heard talk about it seems to think it’s a good move, but I can’t help feeling a bit nervous about a 38 year old pitcher coming off a broken ankle…

But as one Giants blogger put it…the last time the Giants signed a famous ex-Athletic, they won two World Series, and absolutely nothing bad happened. :slight_smile: