MLB-July 2024

Orioles crush everyone put in front of them, except if they’re in the NL Central.

And the Cubs have a 3 game win streak going! Still in last, but don’t call it a comeback!


They didn’t exactly crush the Guardians who took two out of three from them a couple of weeks back.

Yankees beat the Rays tonight, which is just their 7th win in the last 24 games. But they still have a 4.5 game lead in the AL wild-card race, and they’re just two behind the O’s in the East.

I was hearing talk on the sports shows today about firing their manager. I’m not sure if that’s the right move right now, but I know very little.

Heatmiser is at today’s Nats / Mets game!

Some fan in a Mets jersey and a Heatmiser wig. At least I hope it’s a wig.

Bench-clearing brawl at the Yanks/O’s game last night.

YouTube video here

I certainly wouldn’t classify that as a brawl. It doesn’t look like a single punch was thrown.

The announcer says “there are punches being thrown” at about the 1:56 mark. Looks like more pushing, pointing, and shoving than punches. May or may not be enough to actually rise to the definition of a brawl.

Yanks back to within one game of Baltimore in the East.

Another blown save by Holmes today. Boone-o-matic is still programmed: “I…must…bring…in…closer…no…matter…what…in…close…game.” Seriously, how long does it take Boone to realize it’s time for a different closer? Did he learn nothing from Chapman?

It’s still all right there in front of them.

They get to write this amazing script.

And that’s because they’ve put themselves in that position.

Trust the process. :smiley:

True enough, as Holmes came in with a 5-3 lead and walked 2 batters and allowed a hit while getting two outs. With the bases loaded, a routine ground ball was booted by the shortstop which allowed a run to score and kept the game alive. The next batter hit a line drive to left which was misjudged by the left fielder; the ball went over his head and the tying and winning runs scored.

So yes, a blown save, but two defensive miscues which led to 3 unearned runs.

Here’s the double that ended the game:

True enough, but it was Holmes who walked the batters. Volpe’s error had a huge impact, but it was Holmes walking 2 and allowing 2 hits in 2/3 of an inning that allowed it to have such an impact. If he pitches well, Volpe’s error is of no consequence. It appears to me to be the second coming of Chapman.

Chicago sweeps Baltimore, loses 2 out of 3 to St. Louis, and has still not been swept all season, despite being in last place in the NL Central.

Ahem. 2-2 in St. Louis. Won on Friday, lost both yesterday in a make-up double header, won today. And made up a half game on the Division lead in the process. 7-3 over the last 10 games. We’re headed in the right direction, but our bullpen is going to kill me.

You’re right. For some reason, I was thinking it was just three games vs the Cards.

In the middle of the least interesting pro sports draft. No Skenes in this class.

My team (Baltimore) took a flyer on Vance Honeycutt. Could be a star, could be a minor league lifer. Is already an elite defender, but hitting leaves a lot to be desired. Has power but swings and misses like he thinks he’s Mark Reynolds.

The country music singer who did an awful rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner before last night’s home-run hitting contest has confessed to being drunk at the time, and says she’s going into rehab.

I’d like to think this performance, after a long line of painful ones, will put an end to the practice of having someone sing the SSB before sports contests.

But probably not.

Shohei Ohtani draws a walk and cracks a 3 run homer … as the NL falls to the AL, 5-3.

Ohtani must have felt like he was back with the Angels tonight.

I have a simple solution to awful anthem singers- end this silly tradition of singing the anthem prior to games. We don’t do it when we go to movies or plays or concerts, why must we endure having to display ultra-patriotism prior to a sporting event?

I’d like to have us all chip in and buy the MLB commissioner a Barbie fashion colorform play set. Maybe then he’ll stop these silly dressup games he plays with the players. Godawful city uniforms, super-dee-dooper patriotic uniforms for Armed Forces Day and Independence Day, now these vomit-inducing All Star uniforms. Enough.

I am having trouble finding the box score. Any hints?