MLB: June 2012

Aaand…the Dodgers get swept by the Brewers to end May.


Oh, well. There’s always June. And the Padres…are still losing.

It’s going to be a long season.

The Brewers are better than people give them credit for being, and the Dodgers are throwing out a AAA lineup. It’s amazing they haven’t been swept yet. I am excited about the call up of Castellanos…I am less excited about the elbow injury on his first plate appearance.

Now is the time for Ned to get us a real 3B though, maybe Kevin Youkilis wants to get some LA sun? And everyone is saying the Phillies are selling.* No time like the present to get Hamels into LA, right? The Dodgers can not let a lack of Matt Kemp bring them down!
*not that I believe it, but I can dream

4 weeks out for Kemp now, too.

Maybe he’ll fight through the whole season with a gimpy leg, putting up good numbers (and winning) when he does play. Then, in the World Series it’ll be too sore to start, but he’ll be available to pinch hit, and…

Are you kidding me? With our current lineup, even sitting five games up on the competition, the playoffs feel like a joke right now. The road trip they start today will be telling.

By the way, has there been specific word on how long Mark Ellis will be out?

The first half of the season at least. I wouldn’t expect him back until August, to tell the truth. But nothing “official” yet.

Any speculation on what kind of pitching the Dodgers would be willing to part with for Youk? Because I can’t see the Sox trading him for another position player. They need starting pitching and bullpen help.

Maybe Lilly? Not Billingsley or Kershaw, that’s for sure. Lilly and a couple of bullpen guys might be on the table. The way the Dodgers are calling up minor leaguers I wouldn’t be surprised if there weren’t a few Little League pitchers out behind left field.

I say send them Zach Lee. Top pitching prospect in the system. Not ready today, but will be able to be a 2/3 pitcher in about 2 years. If not him send them a different pitching prospect. They have 5-10 high level pitching prospects in the system depending on who you ask. Dodgers don’t have a position player to send anyway.

Nobody thinks they’d do a straight Youk-for-Juan-Uribe trade? Maybe?

Maybe. But they’ll hold out for some pitching prospects as well. I would.

The Orioles have lost their last 5, and 8 of their last 10. They’re still at the top of the AL East, but i don’t see that lasting for long now.

At least if you live in the section of San Diego serviced by Time Warner you don’t have to watch the Padres be the worst team in baseball. I miss not having baseball to turn on when I get home from work. I went to a game a few weeks ago and I only recognize a few of the players because I don’t get to see them on TV. It makes it hard to care about baseball if you can’t watch the games.

So what’s up with all Eastern Teams being over .500?

They’re all good teams.

I know Jose Bautista’s frustrated his average is below .230, but just for once I’d like to see him get through an unsuccessful at bat without bitching at the umpire and acting like a complete jackass.

Johan Santana has just thrown the first no-hitter in Mets history!

GO JOHAN! Making history.

132 pitches on an iffy arm, but after 50 years I doubt any Met fan will not think it was worth it.

Congrats to Santana & the Mets.

The curse of Nolan Ryan is broken!

A no-hitter against the Cardinals, no less.

Good. The more distance the Reds can get from the Cards (and suddenly, the fucking Pirates) the better.