MLB: May

After a rainout in Minnesota, the Dodgers get back on track with their offense. Weird and somehow unnatural to see Andre Ethier as a DH, but it’s a way of getting all 4 outfielders to start the same game. :wink:

Somehow, the Nats staggered out of an error and injury filled
April with a 16 and 12 record.

On the upside, the Dodgers should be getting both Ellis and Kershaw back real soon. On the downside, Billingsley and Elbert look to be June returners at best, and Mattingly still hasn’t run over League with a bus.

The next 6 games will be tough. We’re facing Burnett, Lee, Hamels, Grienke, and Kershaw the next 5. Then we go to Oakland. Win 4-5 of those, and I like our chances of making the playoffs (especially since the Braves are about to face a gauntlet).

It took 12 innings, but the Dodgers finally finished off a sweep of the Twins. Now let’s see how they do in Miami with no sleep.

The fish swept the Braves!

Mariners take two in New York. Loving it.

Maybe the Tigers can start getting to play with some consistency. Between rain-outs and early days off, they probably could have used a three man rotation so far and been fine.

It’s a little early to be talking about a tough road trip determining the outcome of the season, isn’t it?

Got Hanrahan today too.Nice to see them making smart moves

That’s what the Nats said last year and they didn’t make the playoffs. A win in May is just as valuable as a win in August.

Mariners sure looked good against the Yankees. How about this new M’s pitcher, Roenis Elias striking out 10 Yankees?

And hooray, we get Hisashi Iwakuma back tomorrow!

Wind is blowing out strong to right in Philly, and Strasburg’s already gotten burned. Unfortunately, lefty Cliff Lee is pitching for the Phillies, making it less likely the Nats will be able to take advantage of it (unfortunate unless you’re a Phillies fan, that is.).

Yeah, he probably won’t be available til mid June or so, but I’m still excited about this acquisition. Plus he only cost about a million for the season. That’s walking-around money for Mike Illitch!

The Rockies are flat out raking it so far. They won tonight with a walk off 2 run HR by a guy hitting .111 in the bottom of the ninth. They were down 6-0 after three innings. They aren’t doing this all at home, either. They have played 16 games at home and 16 on the road.

They have three of the top five batting averages in the National League, and five of their eight starting field players are hitting over .300. Their best starting pitcher from last year just came off the DL and will make his first start of 2014 tomorrow.

I’m sure the crazy injuries that happen to their stars every year will come before long, but right now they are white hot. They’ve played a tough schedule so far, too. Arizona is the only really bad team they’ve played.

Only 3 teams in the AL have a positive run differential, That’s some freaky stats right there.

Isn’t this a dumb time for the “rivalry” series? Cubs vs White Sox this week and with the Blackhawks playoffs, there’s no excitement at all about the series. Obviously schedule makers didn’t know the Hawks would make it into the second round, but they had to know there was a pretty good chance.

Hasn’t MLB scheduling gotten complicated enough without having to take into account whether the Chicago Blackhawks make the NHL playoffs? Plus, the Cubs and the White Sox are only two of 30 teams, unless you’re proposing that this is the only rivalry that matters.

<Checking dale’s location>

Of course it is. :wink:

Dodgers are looking good in game’s that go extra innings, but last night’s game never should have gotten to that point. But the 3-run homer giveth, the 3-run homer taketh away.

The Reds are starting to show signs of life!