MLB: June 2021

Bart’s still got time. He’s only 48.

Years, or stone? :wink:

You take your stones and your wordplay over to the cricket thread where they belong.

Game for game, deGrom is, right now, probably the greatest baseball player of all time. I know it’s only ten starts, but seriously; were he to keep doing this he would obviously be the most dominant player who ever lived.

I don’t think you can say it any better than this from ESPN -

Jacob DeGrom did it all Friday night, pitching and hitting the Mets to victory. New York manager Luis Rojas even trusts him to diagnose his own elbow injury — and Dr. deGrom says not to fret

The most ridiculous stat at this point thus far:

DeGrom has started 10 games and pitched 64 innings. He has allowed 4 earned runs.
With his 2 ribbies last night, he now has 5 RBIs on the season.

Victor Robles made one of the most boneheaded base running mistakes I’ve seen in the major leagues.

Video linked, he basically completely misses second base with some goofy ass slide and ruined the Nats rally.

I’d have him sitting on the bench tomorrow and drop some hints about the minors tomorrow.

Absolutely inexcusable.

Perhaps his worst, but in no way his first. He’s been a big disappointment all around. He’s a good fielder but otherwise should be in Triple AAA.

I think Manfred finally got rid of the AAAAAAAAA leagues.

I’m not sure he wasn’t out either way. That was a great throw in from the outfield.

Ryan Weber of the Red Sox has given up 11 runs in relief, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that. I guess they’re determined to not burn the bullpen

so are the 'rays that good or does their division suck that bad or a mix ?

The Rays are 4-2 against the AL Central and 11-10 versus the AL West. They are 19-10 against the other four teams in their division, and 8-2 against the NL. But except for the Orioles, the other teams in the division are above .500. So maybe they are that good?

Does the AL East suck, is that what you’re asking? Aside from the top of the NL West, the AL East probably has 3 or 4 of the next best teams in MLB. If they don’t all beat up on each other this season, they should have both Wild Card teams, and a 4th team that would probably be good enough to win any non-NLW division.

It was the first time a Red Sox pitcher has given up that many runs in relief in many, many decades.

The Blue Jays hit eight homers, the second most in team history.

guess I’m not used to seeing Tampa win anything or do anything but just be there

was Sunday some sort of record for double-digit wins? The local radio guy was joking that credit should be given to the crackdown on stuff on the ball

Not quite a perfect game, but Bartolo just threw a complete game for Acereros de Monclova of the Mexican League. He gave up five hits and allowed two runs. Not bad for pushing 50.

Scherzer to the IL, not unexpected since he was already going to miss his next start. Let’s hope it’s just one start, he’s been fun to watch this year.

Is Armenteros the first Rogelio since Moret?

The Rays’ Tyler Glasnow is blaming his arm injury (partial UCL tear, flexor tendon inflammation) on discontinuing the use of sunscreen, forcing him to grip the ball harder to get the same results.

He’s miffed because of the crackdown coming in the middle of the season and here he was all ready for a Cy Young campaign, not to mention being the Coppertone Pitcher of the Year.