MLB: October 2017 — Welcome to the Postseason

Last month’s thread here.

After yesterday’s games, the playoffs are now set.

NL Wild Card Game: Rockies at Diamondbacks
NLDS 1: Wild Card Winner at Dodgers
NLDS 2: Cubs at Nationals

AL Wild Card Game: Twins at Yankees
ALDS 1: Wild Card Winner at Indians
ALDS 2: Red Sox at Astros

Looking at the stats, Kluber should be a foregone conclusion for Cy Young. I would not put any money on what happens in the NL voting, though. Amazing what the Nats’ rotation has pulled off. Kershaw leads the NL in ERA and wins, but Scherzer has him beat in just about every other category. Does Scherzer lose votes because of teammates Strasburg and Gonzalez being on his tail?

So, how does everyone think this is going to play out?

Cubs 3 straight playoffs, 2 straight division titles, 1 World Series. Hell is suddenly the “hot” spot for ice.

It will be interesting to see who the Astros run out as their 3-4 pitchers. The most talented and best if at the top of his game is Lance McCullers, but he has not been good since coming back from injury. The best per-inning is probably Brad Peacock, but he doesn’t pitch a lot of innings; sometimes has trouble even getting past the fifth, never mind the sixth. My guess is they go with Charley Morton, who’s been solid all year, and Collin McHugh, who’s been pretty good after he came back from an injury late in the year.

Can the Dodgers play the winner of Cubs/Nats instead of D-bags/Rox? There are only 2 teams the dodgers have a losing record against this season can we at least wait to face them until the NLCS?

Unlike last post season, the Tribe enter with their entire pitching staff healthy. Last year they overused their best remaining pitchers and they were just out of gas by the end of the World Series.

Hopefully this year they can spread the workload around more and avoid that problem.

I don’t think this needs it’s own thread and besides, it actually fits the theme of this one: New York Yankees will expand protective netting next season

I’m glad the conversation is being had and I hope that in the end, safety wins out.

First up, Twins at Yankees Tuesday night.

This wildcard game is terrifying. At least when you win the division, you’re guaranteed a minimum of three more games. The cliche that anything can happen is, of course, true. One bad outing by a starter or a reliever and bye bye season. I’d be disappointed if the Yanks lose tomorrow, but still excited about the future. I had low expectations for this season, and now I want more, naturally.

If this Twins win, I’ll tip my proverbial cap and root for the Indians to go all the way.

Never fear. Cleveland will. :smiley:

May as well get the picks in now.

Wild card winners: Diamondbacks, Yankees.
ALDS: Astros over Red Sox, Indians over Yankees.
ALCS: Indians over Astros.
NLDS: Nationals over Cubs, Dodgers over Diamondbacks.
NLCS: Nationals over Dodgers.

WS champion: Cleveland Indians in 6.

(while I’m usually poor at such predictions, I did get all the winners correct in 2016 with the exception of the NL wild card game).

Wild card winners: Rockies are on a tear, as are the Twins. I’m going to ride the hot hands.
ALDS: Astros over Red Sox, Indians over Twins.
ALCS: Astros over the Indians, even though I love watching Cleveland play.
NLDS: Nationals over Cubs, Dodgers over Rockies
NLCS: Nationals over Dodgers.

Nationals in 5

AL wildcard:

Twins over Yankees

NL wildcard:

Diamondbacks over Rockies


Indians over Twins in 4

Red Sox over Astros in 4


Diamondbacks over Dodgers in 4

Nationals over Cubs in 3


Red Sox over Indians in 6


Nationals over Diamondbacks in 5

World Series:

Red Sox over Nationals in 5

Random oddity - all of the AL teams with winning records are in the playoffs. Has that ever happened before?

Almost certainly not. Up through 1993 only the top team in each division (or prior to 1969 league) went to the post-season. It was never the case that both (or only) second-place team was below .500.

I haven’t checked after that, but until a few years ago only one second place team got it. It’s only since 2013 there have been two wildcards and 5 out of 15 making it.

Boy, I hope you guys know what you’re talking about. I’ll be thrilled if the Nats make it past the first round.

I thought maybe in 1981 with the weird first-half/second-half format (thanks to the strike) but turns out not.

Right, definitely not 1981. The Reds had the best record in the NL that year, and possibly in both leagues…and didn’t make the post season. The Cardinals had the best record in the NL East and didn’t make it either. And I’m pretty sure the White Sox were over .500 for the year as well, but the Royals and A’s went to the playoffs instead.

Yes, the Reds had the best record in the major leagues in 1981.

In 1982 they had the worst record in the NL, and missed being the worst in the majors by one game. I wonder how many times THAT’S happened.

Me too. I still feel the pain from Game 5 against the Cardinals back in 2012.

Yanks should beat the Twins tonight. Better team, better starter and much better bullpen and at home. Yanks hit exceptionally well at home.

But either way, the wildcard winning team will then have the nearly impossible task of beating Cleveland in a 5 game series. I don’t think the Yanks or Twins are up to the job.

I expect Houston to beat the Sox.

There was a great Tank McNamara strip at the beginning of the 1981 playoffs with the Reds occupying the field during one of the playoff games, chanting “The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching!” as the firehoses get aimed at them.