MLB offseason 2020-2021

Theo Epstein is stepping down

He ain’t doin’ his legacy any favors. Time to retire Tony. Find a nice quiet ritzy beachfront town and disappear.

I am really quite mystified as to how a professional sports franchise in 2020 could have made such a stupid hire. I don’t even understand how La Russa was on the list of candidates.

Apparently it’s more of an incestuous Old Boy’s network than it appears. Either that or the other plausible candidates wanted vastly more money than Tony did.

And especially for a young, up and coming team like the White Sox. They’re second fiddle in Chicago, I don’t see how a fossil like La Russa helps them sell tickets.

La Russa is like the grumpy old drunk that sits next to you in a neighborhood dive bar and still talks about the 85 Bears

or better yet, the 85 Baltimore Colts. Who aren’t in Baltimore any more.

I lived in STL during La Russa’s long successful run. I had a great deal of respect for him then. Now not so much.

Everyone’s been getting second changes these days - it’s too bad that Carlos Beltran wasn’t asked to helm that team. Why the hell wouldn’t they want a Latin, spanish-speaking, former AL Central phenom to coach a team full of Latin, spanish-speaking AL Central phenoms?!

Oh well - as a Royals fan, it’s fun to watch the White Sox piss that potential down the drain. (But not as much fun as watching Luis Robert track down lasers to right-center field, or Tim Anderson hit .340 with a tank full of attitude and personality).

Robinson Cano suspended for the 2021 season for a second positive PED test.

Robinson Cano suspended for all of the 2021 season

People who know more than I say that stanozolol is a dumb ass thing to be suspended for, it’s what a minor leaguer would use. Anyone know?

He ain’t getting into Cooperstown unless he buys a ticket.

I don’t know a lot about steroids, but I know that several major-leaguers have been busted for stanozolol, going back (at least) to Rafael Palmeiro. It’s also known by the brand name Winstrol. Ervin Santana, Jorge Polanco, Tim Beckham and others got busted for the exact same anabolic steroid. Wasn’t the idea that these drugs were designed as synthetic, and therefore harder to detect, versions of testosterone?

I wondered about Cano when he was a Yankee. It’s weird for kids to come up from the minors with Popeye forearms. It wouldn’t be a surprise if he was juicing before he was even signed.

Cubs don’t offer Schwarber a contract. Does this mean no NL DH for next season?

Probably has nothing to do with the DH is my guess.

When is a decision about the DH in NL going to happen? I would think during the owners’ meeting coming up. Is it even on the agenda? Teams have to know soon to build their roster.

My guess is the NL will return to normal in 2021, assuming a more or less normal season and a full schedule. No DH.

I’ve seen rumors online that the DH will be AL-only again next year. Mainly because the current collective bargaining agreement ends at the end of 2021, and owners and the players union likely want everything on the table to bargain with.

Well, the Royals released Maikel Franco and Bubba Starling (and others) yesterday. I’m surprised by letting go Franco - he was certainly serviceable last year and, most importantly, cheap. There are plenty of young infielders who need the roster room, so I guess there are cheaper options on the way.

Getting rid of Bubba Starling is a sad chapter. He was a somewhat local prospect that was being heavily recruited by the University of Nebraska to start at quarterback. The Royals reached to get him at #5 overall in the 2011 draft, one spot ahead of Anthony Rendon, 3 spots ahead of Lindor, 4 spots ahead of Javier Baez, and 6 spots from George Springer. Just an absolute bust who couldn’t stay healthy, and could not figure out major league pitching.

I don’t know if the teams care that much. The Dodgers didn’t even add a DH to their roster for last season. I doubt they would add a bat only guy even if the DH stuck around. Versatility will be the key going forward and guys will get put at DH to get a day off more than holding a particular roster spot.

That being said I hope it goes away I enjoy watching pitchers bat.


I want the DH in both leagues to finally end the debate.

But, it needs to be decided and soon. If you’re building a team for a full regular season, you need to know if it’s going to used in the NL. Last season was just screwy.

Nah - Eliminate the DH in both leagues. :wink:

Now that’s a Great Debate we could argue about for the next century or so.

Cubs TV announcer Len Kasper announced today that he’s becoming the play-by-play radio announcer for the White Sox. The stupid Marquee Network (owned by Sinclair) must have really pissed him off.

MLB umpire Brian O’Nora arrested in some sort of sex scandal.

If it’s just routine prostitution, ok. Do police really have time to focus on that?
If there’s something more, that’s another story.