MLB offseason 2020-2021

A TV station that’s local to where the arrests were made is reporting it as a “human trafficking sting.”

That’s why I want to know more. Right wing religious groups often use human trafficking as a way to also crusade against prostitution while trying to show they just don’t care about hating gays and banning abortion.

Are we dealing with actual human trafficking or just routine prostitution?

A good question.

I encourage everyone to be VERY wary when law enforcement and news outlets use the term “human trafficking.” In all too many cases, it turns out to be a run-of-the-mill raid on consensual prostitution, and the “human trafficking” claim turns out to be completely bogus, and nothing more than an attempt to gin up public outrage and justify the policing of morality.

The cops and the feds in Florida used the term “human trafficking” when they raided the massage parlor where Patriots owner Robert Kraft got a hand job. No trafficking charges were ever filed, Kraft had his charges dismissed, and the poor women who were allegedly the victims ended up being the only ones punished, charged with solicitation and subjected to large fines.

Tampa Bay just traded Blake Snell to the Padres, making both San Diego and the Bronx very happy.

And the Dads just made another move, getting Yu Darvish and Victor Carantini from the Cubs for Zach Davies, 17-year-old SS Reginald Preciado (Padres No.11 prospect), 18 year-old OF Owen Caissie (No. 13) and one other prospect.

Holy crap, that’s a hell of a rotation in San Diego. And 2 years from now, Clevinger will be back from Tommy John!

Yankees might be tempted to celebrate, but we know better. Somehow Tampa will have gotten better with this deal.

And yet even post-pandemic, only 12 people will attend home Rays games, all of whom are hotdog and beer vendors.

It’s difficult to see how baseball continues this way in St. Petersburg. They are still talking about this plan to play half the season in Montreal, but that plan

  1. Isn’t supposed to start until 2028 and
  2. Is totally insane

So I think it’s a bluff or something.

2028 is a loooong way away. But I for one look forward to the Montreal Ex-Rays of Tampa Bay.

I’m not sure whether to clap or throw a stinky dead flatfish at you.

Bravo! I guess!!?!

And who may or may not be the same pitcher he was before.

Speaking of injuries, Darvish has had his problems in that regard. The Padres just assumed a whopping contract for a 33-year-old pitcher who even counting his excellent 2020 season has barely been above .500 since his first three years with Texas.

Comparing his career pre- and post-injury isn’t as damning as you think, unless you’re only looking at win%. His strikeout rate is about the same (11.1 to 11.0), and his walk rate has improved (3.6 to 2.8). He’s giving up a few more HRs per game (0.9 to 1.3).

His age is definitely something to be aware of, but ever since the 2019 ASB, he’s been one of the best pitchers in the game. He has 3 years left on his contract - I think it’s a good bet he’s worth it for at least 2 of those years.

After trading Victor Caratini in the Darvish deal, rumor has it that the Cubs are also shopping Willson Contreras.

As a fan, I should know their minor league system more, but those are their two top catchers. I’m not aware of any blue-chip, stud catching prospect waiting in the wings who was blocked by the catching tandem.

Padres just signed Korean star Ha-seong Kim as a shortstop.

Mets get Francisco Lindor (and Carlos Carrasco), giving up Ahmed Rosario, Andres Gimenez and two middling prospects to the Cleveland Team To Be Named Laters.
At first blush that seems like a great deal for the Mets; however if they can’t re-sign Lindor, then not so much. Neither Rosario or Gimenez are likely to come anywhere close to Lindor’s level, but they are both young infielders who have room to grow (especially Gimenez; he’ll be 22 this year).

But, I’ve got to imagine the Mets will resign Lindor.

There’s no guarantee the Mets will be able to sign Lindor, but you’d have to think they’re willing to shell out what he wants.

The Indians had long been trying to get him to agree to a multiyear deal (reportedly offering $100 million for an otherwise unspecified deal several years ago) but after that was rejected, eventually concluded they wouldn’t be able to keep him. In an interesting bit of historical revisionism, ESPN analysts are claiming that Cleveland “forced” Lindor out in spite of an expressed desire to stay with the club.

ESPN: Mets GM Jared Porter admits sexting explicit images to female reporter when he worked for Cubs

62 unanswered texts and dick pics. Which he claims weren’t his anatomy but were joke stock images or somesuch. Because that makes it OK?

Bye, Jared.

These are not the actions of someone doing this for the first time. And I’m quite curious to know if Theo Epstein, Jed Hoyer, Jason McLeod, Amiel Sawdaye, and Zack Scott, all of whom have been working with him for some significant portion of the last 17 years, genuinely had no idea their friend might be a creep. No hints at all, in all that time, really? Not sure about that.

In December 2017, ESPN obtained the messages after being alerted to their existence by a baseball source. ESPN reached out to the woman, interviewed her and was prepared to report about the allegations but did not do so after the woman concluded her career would be harmed if the story came out. ESPN has periodically kept in touch with the woman – who since has left journalism – and, in recent days, she decided to come forward only on the condition of anonymity because she fears backlash in her home country.

Surprisingly thoughtful journalism ethics for ESPN.

I’m curious how much the Cubs and Mets ownership knew about this, since it was apparently floating around for years.

The Mets just changed hands as well. I’d be fascinated to know what due diligence they did on their GM.

The Blue Jays signed George Springer for six years, $150 million total.

Someone in their outfield is now the odd man out, and it’s likely Randal Grichuk.

And they signed Yates. I wouldn’t want my team to spend huge money on a reliever, but if they did, Yates would be near the very top of the list of guys I’d want. They’re primed for a great season, I think. The AL East is going to be tough - or at least, NYY, TOR and TB are going to be tough.