MLB Post-Season Awards

Let’s give this another go…

Okay - I made it multiple choice and public, so no multiple votes in the same category. I didn’t want to list more than 5 options, so if yours isn’t there, check off “Other” and post it here. the Rookie of the Year options were tough to narrow down - plenty of other legit contenders in both leagues.

My fuller ballot


  1. Mauer
  2. Greinke
  3. Jeter


  1. Pujols
  2. H. Ramirez
  3. Utley

AL CY Young

  1. Greinke
  2. F Hernandez
  3. Halladay

NL. CY Young

  1. Lincecum
  2. Vasquez
  3. Carpenter

Also, I wrote in Don Wakamatsu for AL MOY

Good one.

Any other “Other” votes wanna speak up?

Couple really uninteresting categories. Maybe I should have asked, “Who should get SECOND place in AL/NL MVP voting, as well as AL Cy Young?” :slight_smile:

As a Royals fan, it’s good to see Zach getting the vast share of votes. But I worry about voters weighing his final game performance versus King Felix’s final game.

Yeah, I just can’t see any way Felix gets it over Greinke. Literally the only statistical category in which Felix has an advantage is wins, and that’s a difference of three wins playing on a team that was 20 games better than Greinke’s. Grienke had more complete games and more shutouts, his ERA was a third of a run per nine better, he struck out more (both absolutely and per-nine, and by a strikeout and a half per game!), walked fewer (absolutely and per-nine), gave up fewer home runs, had a lower WHIP.

Greinke in a walk, right? It’s gotta be.

How is Pujols 26-0 in his category but listed at 92.86% ?

It appears that 28 people have voted in all and two did not vote for NL MVP

As 26/28=0.92857

Voted my conscience, except for AL ROY. I’d like it to go to Rangers pitcher Derek Holland, merely because he was in my wife’s French class a few years ago.

Given the park he played in, I gave CC the AL Cy Young nod. He pitched lights-out down the stretch (aside from that last regular season start).

You mean the park that ranked 20th in the league in runs scored in it?

Kaufman Stadium was first in the AL, 5th in the league.
Comerica was 7th in the AL, 13th overall.
Safeco was 12th in the AL, 21st overall.
Rogers Center was 13th in the AL, 23rd overall.

A bunch of runs were scored in the Royals’ stadium? I’m shocked!

Unless you add the category of who pitched against the top teams and who faced the opposing teams best pitchers, then not so sure a thing. I don’t see it as so clear. Plus a 16 game winner getting the Cy Young does not give you pause?

It’s happened before, why not this year?

Of course not. This 16 game winner was the best in the league this season.

I don’t know what the sarcasm is for - the results of a Park Factor account for the home team pitching being terrible. If the royals pitchers gave up just as much on the road, it’d be much lower.

(Sorry, should have made the Park Factor part of it kore clear hen talking about runs.)

Second thing first: why should it? Seriously, give me one reason why a 16 game winner shouldn’t win the Cy Young. Here is a brief summary highlighting some of the notable among Zack Greinke’s losses no-decisions this year:

5/9 - vs. LAA - Gave up one run in 8 innings (L, 0-1)
5/21 - vs. CLE - Gave up two runs in 6 innings (L, 3-8)

Ooh, here’s an exciting stretch:

5 games between 7/3 and 7/29 - total of 9 runs allowed in 32 innings - three losses and two no-decisions. Allowed more than two runs only once during this 5-game stretch; allowed only ONE run twice (one loss, one ND).

8/14 - vs. DET - Gave up no runs (three hits) in 7 innings (ND, team lost 0-1)
9/5 - vs. LAA - Gave up one unearned run in 8 innings (ND, team lost 0-1)
9/11 - vs. CLE - Gave up one run in 7 innings (ND, team won 2-1)

That’s six games, six, in which Greinke gave up one earned run or fewer and still either lost or took an ND. All told, Greinke had only five starts all year in which he gave up as many as FOUR runs (same as Felix Hernandez). He pitched brilliantly; he didn’t get more than 16 wins for the simple and painfully obvious reason that his team was 23rd in the major leagues in terms of runs scored.

I’ll address the first half of your point in another post.

Once in the American league. Cone nearly a quarter of a century ago. The bad team thing goes both ways. his team did not score a lot ,but he did not have to pitch in tense ,crucial games. His only significant game was against the Sox at the end of the season and he got spanked. it was a big time important , national, game.

15 years ago is a quarter of a century?

Greinke was the best pitcher in the league. That seems to be the consensus, anyway, but you’re free to disagree.

Every major league game is a big game.

Actually, it’s not that simple. You’re leaving out the fact that Greinke also pitched for one of the worst FIELDING teams in the major leagues. The Royals were a genuinely awful defensive team. With a decent fielding team he’d have given up even fewer runs and maybe won at least one or two more games.