MLB: September 2018

It’s going to be a great September with a lot of playoff spots up for grabs.

Kyle Schwarber is now second in the NL for outfield assists after throwing out Roman Quinn who foolishly tried to stretch a double into a triple.

Bring on October!!! :smiley:

Cubs start September 2-0 and in the top spot in the NL. Every win gets them a little closer to the playoffs and possibly home field advantage in the NL. With 26 games to go, they could finish 13-13 and still end up 94-68 and the one seed.

Went to the Rockies/Padres game today.

We were sitting in the middle level, about half-way between home plate and third base, and I got a foul ball coming straight at me pretty quickly. Got my hands on it in the palms-down, fingers-up position that we were taught in cricket, but couldn’t make the grab, and was left with nothing but a sense of disappointment and a nicely bruised right thumb. :slight_smile:

Not a great outing for Ohtani tonight. I expect he’ll be shut down from pitching the rest of the season

Matt Kemp may have been the best Dodger off season pick up. He carries the team for most of the first half and now hits his second walk off in three games to give the Dodgers the lead in the division.

Somewhat frustrating watching the umpiring at the plate. I realize that AAA umps are still really good, that they need to show they can work at the MLB level too, and that sometimes people need a night off and a sub is needed. But he’s not really getting the outside part of the zone right.

Ohtani would only have, what, five more starts in the rotation? I wouldn’t be surprised if they bring him out again for limited innings, especially if the pennant race widens.

Surely you’re not suggesting that the pennant race could “widen” far enough to include the Angels.

So far Mookie Betts is pretty clearly, IMHO, the AL MVP. Jose Ramirez could still make a stronger case though.

But what about the NL? Baez? Carpenter? Paul Goldschmidt is always great. A pitcher?

Kyle Freeland should win something for having a 2.27 ERA at Coors Field.

There really hasn’t been a monster offensive campaign by an NL hitter this year, but I dislike seeing the award go to pitchers. Sunno.

How about the ROYs?

Data: Fangraphs rookie leaders AL / NL

In the AL it looks like either Ohtani or one of the two Yankees (Torres or Andujar) - depending on how much extra value you give Ohtani for being a two-way player. Joey Wendle of the Rays actually has the most value according to Fangraphs, but he’s a 28-year-old journeyman and only marginally ahead of the two Yankees.

In the NL it’s probably between Acuna and Juan Soto, although again Fangraphs has another guy, Harrison Bader of the Cardinals, as the top player thanks to a lot of defensive runs saved. (Fangraphs thinks both Acuna and Soto are below average defensively).

I like Acuna and Andujar but it’s a close enough race that a strong week could change things.

Good for Joey Wendle and all but I think a ROY vote should take into account a player’s future prospects. Some journeyman squeaking out a lead in WAR is not in the spirit of the award.

Soto is below-average on defense. Helluva lot of fun to watch, though. And aside from Scherzer, the ***only ***reason to watch the Nats this year.

Are those links only listing position players? (notwithstanding the fact that Ohtani pitches as well as plays full-time) I don’t expect that a Royal is genuinely in the running for AL RoY this year, but if any were, I’d expect it to be pitcher Brad Keller rather than Rossell Herrera or Hunter Dozier, who are the only Royals listed in your link.

Those links do only have position players; you can change the filter for pitchers. Really, though, the only really standout rookie arm has been Walker Beuhler and he’s only thrown 104 innings. Of course if he goes 5-0 the rest of the way he might vault up there.

I keep forgetting about Shohei Ohtani; his case is very, very strong.

I thought JD Martinez might have had a case for AL MVP, but his WAR is 6.0 compared to Mookie’s 9.0. Even his offensive WAR is lower than Mookie’s (6.4 to 7.1) so it’s not like DH is hurting him too much. But yeah, it’s Mookie.

NL MVP, my vote goes to Baez.

Martinez is a hell of a hitter, but a terrific defensive center fielder has a lot of value in that glove.

It isn’t impossible for a DH to be MVP, but it’s rather unlikely, just because in the whole league there is probably going to be at least one guy who is having a really good year with the bat AND the glove.

The Giants have finally been officially eliminated from postseason consideration, so there is now only one goal left for the season: make sure the Dodgers spend October watching baseball from their couches. And given the way the division is going, their 3-game series to close out the season may have very meaningful consequences for LA.

Sometimes it’s really good to have an arch-rival.

Anyone have any minor leaguers you’re hoping get called up? I have high hopes for Cy Sneed, simply based on his name, and the fact that he’ll probably be allowed to pitch from 55 feet away with a run-up.