MLB: April

It’s time for baseball!

Opening Day for MLB and the Dodgers are already in 2nd place. :smack:

One more set-up like last night’s and Brian Wilson has to lose the beard.

Sorry, every time I see the guy I hear BNL singing “Lyin’ in bed, just like Brian Wilson did …”

It is SO nice that the symbol of the Red Sox in the World Series is no longer Buckner’s five hole, but Schilling’s sock, Papelbon’s jig to “Shipping up to Boston”, beards, Papi’s grin, and Duck Boat parades. All that bullshit about the fans actually *wanting *the team to fail is history, along with that Globe asswipe Dan Shaughnessy’s Bambino royalties (for which he won’t forgive Schilling). Gonna take some luck to repeat, sure, but things look pretty good from here.

Can someone explain why the Royals are the trendy pick to win the AL Central? I just don’t see what they have that stacks up against Detroit. Not that trendy picks mean anything, or Toronto would have won the East last year, of course.

God, I forgot about those awful beards. Please tell me no team is doing that again this year.

Happy New Year!!

I’m a traditionalist and miss the days when the first pitch of the season was always thrown in Cincinnati, since they were the oldest MLB franchise.

Every season has it’s own unique story. This year, there’s an overwhelming consensus that the National League will see 3 dominant teams in the LA Dodgers, StL Cardinals and the Washington Nats, particularly in light of the injuries to the Atlanta Braves. So any poor start from the big 3 will be the topic of discussion.

In the AL, there seem to be a lot of question marks, with injuries to the Texas Rangers and Oakland A’s have opened up the AL West, and the AL East is considered wide-open with the defending World Champion Red Sox getting little respect, the Yankees’ considered iffy, in spite of their off-season acquisitions and the Tampa Bay Rays getting the plurality of expert picks. Only the Detroit Tigers seem strong favorites to repeat as division champs.

I just think some writers want to be different. Given Detroit’s starting pitching depth, they should be able to withstand a lot of bad breaks.

Late update on Red Sox: Shane Victorino has been put on the 15-day DL and Jackie Bradley Jr. has been called up as replacement.

You must really hate the NHL playoffs, then.

As a Royals fan, I think it’s nothing BUT trendiness. They’re hitting the start of their developmental target, and they have a lot of under-rated pieces on board, but I also cannot figure out how people think they match up better than the Tigers. They’re at the top of the league in defense and bullpen. But their rotation is weak - Shields is elite, then the 2-4 starters are all average-at-best, and Ventura is a very hot prospect. I think those projecting them to win the Central think that Duffy and Zimmer are going to make quick developmental leaps to KC and push them through August/September.

The lineup is good, but not amazing. Yost seems to think that the #2 hole is for a sub-par hitter that slaps the ball around, instead of doubles machine Alex Gordon. Moustakas was on fire this spring, but you know - spring. Hosmer should become one of the best 1B in the AL this year, but is that enough?


I know that Australia is upside down and everything, but you realize that those two wins over the D-backs at the Sydney Cricket Ground actually counted, right?


OK, i see your point. They lost to the Padres, so the Padres lead the Division with a 1.000 winning percentage, while the Dodgers are at .667. But really, do you think San Diego is going to be a threat this year? :slight_smile:

Cleveland is @ Oakland, and it’s a 10:05 Eastern game time.

Dick move, MLB.

I sure hope so, since the Padres are my wife’s adopted team and we seem to see more games at Petco than we do at Dodger Stadium. :smiley:

I have always hated opening day starts at night. For some reason, the A’s always seem to get stuck with a night game to open the season. The Angels often do as well.

Let me know when you’re coming down. Maybe we can watch a game or two together this season.

But then…what would we fear?

If you don’t know of anything to be afraid of, you aren’t paying enough attention. :slight_smile:

One thing you don’t have to worry about in cold weather cities. The season always starts with day games,to maximize temps, in Detroit.

The Blue Jays had their first injury about two minutes into the season. Why is their trainer still employed after years and years of this?

Cincinnati v St Louis…the Billy Hamilton era begins! Watch out!

Grady Sizemore has the first home run of his comeback.

It was a great game and I got tickets for the box at the company where I work. Just below the press box. Good view, free beer and food, plus the Padres won what’s not to like. As usual Doggers fans seem to outnumber Padres fans about 2 to one at Petco park.

0-4 with 4 K’s. Auspicious.

You can’t steal first.