Baseball Thread May 2008

Same as last time: This is it the general-purpose place to celebrate, gloat, bitch or moan about your team or any team.

Personally I am not happy with the way the Yanks have been playing and all of our injuries.


Did anyone see the Cubs/Brewers game last night? Cubs scored 19 runs. Their rookie catcher Geovany Soto hit two 3-run homers. Amazing.

The Tigers should sweep the Yankees in the Bronx. It’s the last time they’re ever visiting the stadium, so I’d like to see them tear it down with the Tigers sweeping them at home.

Didn’t see the game, but Soto is a damn good young catcher.

This continues the conversation in the April thread.

Well, if a step equals a win, the this is exactly what the Tigers are doing, and exactly what a Tigers fan should want. In that formulation, two steps forward and one step back will give you a record of .667, which will get you into the playoffs every single year.

Since their absolutely horrendous start (2-10), the Tigers are 11-5. The White Sox are unlikely to remain at the head of the division, and i’ll bet the Tigers reel them in within the next month.

As for why they’re not doing even better, i think it’s precisely due to crappy pitching. Check out MLB’s team pitching stats for the year. The Tigers have given up the third-most runs and the second-most walks in the majors.

And, after their awful start, they’re hitting again. Despite the fact that they could barely score a run in the first two weeks, they are now third in runs scored, fifth in home runs, fifth in walks, fourth in OBP, and sixth in SLG. If they continue hitting like that, and get the sort of pitching you expect out of guys like Verlander, they could be almost unstoppable in their division.

Unless you play in the NBA’s Western Conference. :smiley:

I’d like to think that my White Sox could run away with the division starting…um now, but crappy losses against the Twins and the Yankees last week are not keeping my hopes up. Swisher, Cabrerra (I probably spelled that wrong), Thome (at least he’s got some HRs), and Konerko are all underperforming. If it weren’t for somewhat strong pitching, the WSox would be fading fast like KC.

Yes, he looks like he is going to be a serious asset to the team. Very exciting.

Somehow, the Dodgers managed to finish April with a winning record. Lots of runs scored in the last couple of games. This despite Andruw Jones’ continued dismal showing (I believe he’s currently batting .159). It makes me really upset to see him get booed at home games because I want him to be encouraged. At the same time, I can’t blame the fans’ frustration with the one-dimensional center fielder purchases of the last two years.

I wonder what it would take to get Nomar to retire and stay with the Dodgers as a bench coach while Blake DeWitt stays on at third, having Russell Martin spelling him every so often. Have I mentioned how much I like the look of Blake DeWitt?

Anyway, here’s to May!

What percent of the population could have correctly guessed that the White Sox, Cardinals, and Marlins would be outright leading or tied for the lead in their division at the beginning of May? Granted, it’s not likely to hold for any of them, but it is pretty interesting to see so many teams viewed as potential also-rans doing fairly well.

Also, Smoltz as closer again. That’s interesting because the Braves are short of arms pretty much everywhere right now. Granted, injury potential plays a role, but I wonder just how much less valuable his skills are in limited work than they would be every 5 days.

It was good to see the Phillies end their first April in a long time with a winning record. I think that bodes well for the team. Especially, since they did it without last year’s MVP (Disabled list with a bad ankle, and there is still no sign of when he will return. Which is good, I wouldn’t want him to come back early and reinjure it) and with Howard’s bat still not quite up to his standards.

Utley has been putting up MVP numbers. I hope he is able to keep that up for the entire season. And, Burrell is making the decision to keep him a little bit tougher than it seemed to be before the season started. I think he is better suited as an American League player at this point in his career. But, he will almost certainly offer a home town discount, so it might be worth considering to keep that bat in the lineup.

I have been happy with Hamels performance, but disappointed with the run production behind him. Everyone knows that the win is an overrated statistic for a pitcher, still I like to see the ace of the staff have a winning record. And, I really had high hopes for him winning 20 this year.

Romero has been good coming out of the bullpen. And, Gordon has been a pleasant surprise after his bad opening day.


I love the bottom of the ninth inning heroics by the BoSox, but can we at least get some hits in innings 1-7? Pitching duals however are still fun to watch.

Sht, somehow the Giants managed to finish April with a not-losing-as-bad-as-we-thought-we-would record. I’m happy. :smiley:

Dear Mr. Sabean,

No more people named “Barry.”

Love, Troy McClure SF

(I said that to my roommate and he said it’s only a matter of time until we dust off Barry Larkin and sign him for three years.)

That said, it has been fun watching these kids like Lewis & Velez. Even if the Giants don’t take the division, there’s a lot of hope for the future on those basepaths.

I completely agree. They did nothing right for the first couple weeks, but they’re solidly kicking ass.

Speak for yourself.

I posted this on another board, on the subject of the Blue Jays, and a strange interview J.P. Ricciardi gave in which he said weird, obviously false things. It pretty much sums up my feelings right now. I’ve added some parenthetical comments so as to explain the context:

You know, I’ve got to give that to you. They still aren’t a good team, but every time I look at the standings, the Giants are not where I (or any baseball analyst, apparently) thought they would be. I still haven’t quite figured out whether that says something about the Giants, or says that the NL West isn’t quite the powerhouse it was supposed to be this year. Time will tell.

Meanwhile, my boys just completed their second straight series sweep. Another solid offensive performance today, and a starting pitcher that got us through seven innings. It’s only May…it’s only May…

Oh, and Troy? I’ll give you…let’s see…I’ve got 32 cents and a Dodger Dog in exchange for Barry Zito right now. I want to propose a piñata night at Dodger Stadium, and I didn’t think you’d object. :slight_smile:

You know, I’ve got to give that to you. They still aren’t a good team, but every time I look at the standings, the Giants are not where I (or any baseball analyst, apparently) thought they would be. I still haven’t quite figured out whether that says something about the Giants, or says that the NL West isn’t quite the powerhouse it was supposed to be this year. Time will tell./QUOTE]

The Diamondbacks played 22 Western division games and won 17 of those. Thus, by beating so many divisional foes, that helped keep the Giants from falling too far below anyone else.

The Yankees are in a weird situation.

The negatives:

  • Jeter, Posada, and A-Rod all got injured
  • Catcher situation is a joke, with Posada out. They had a decent defensive catcher as a backup, now he’s #1 and their backup is either a true minor leaguer, or someone no other team wants at all.
  • They had a record number of away games in April
  • Giambi and Robinson Cano are both hitting well under .200, when they were expected to be solid contributors. (Giambi is hitting some dingers, so he is at least driving in a few runs)
  • The young pitchers we avoided trading for Santana are crapping their diapers, 10 games started, 6 losses 0 wins with about an 8.75 ERA

The pluses:

  • Chamberlain and Rivera are lights out, 22 innings pitched, 2 runs
  • Wang has been really good
  • They’re only 3 games back.
    I don’t know what to think, will these negatives clear up, and we’ll see the team bounce back, or will the negatives continue, and finally catch up to them, driving them further behind the Sox?

BTW, I’m kind of pissed that Girardi let Chris Stewart catch Phil Hughes. Yes, let’s have the completely inexperienced catcher we just brought up from the minors catch the 21 year old phenom who’s really struggling right now.

I have the same complaint, but Hughes has not pitched well with Molina so far. I doubt Girardi had a clue how awful Stewart is. I am glad he is already gone.

I’m glad Darrell Rasner is coming up, he has been lights out in Scranton and if he stays healthy should be servicible as our 5 guy. I’ve liked him in the past, but he has been a hard luck pitcher with freak injuries.

This year he is 4-0 with a .87 ERA and 31IP in 5 games for over 6 per. He has a 27K/6BB ratio. No homers and no HBP.

I was driving home from work yesterday listening to the Brewers/Cubs game on xm radio. Got to the store at the top of the ninth inning. Guess I picked the wrong time to go grocery shopping!

That was just a bad game to choke away. If you’re playing a divisional rival, you’ve got to keep your lead in the last inning.