MLB: September 2021

Jays remain the hottest team in the AL and are now tied with Boston for the WC. Yanks are a game back, while the A’s and Mariners both lost series to sub .500 teams and both are now 3 games out of the WC chase.

In the NL, the Padres and Reds are tied for the second WC, with the Cards suddenly just a game behind. Phillies are 2.5 games back, while the Mets are 3 back.

Some interesting series to start the week: Cards/Mets, Rays/Jays, and BoSox/Mariners.

Why the hell did they go for 2 when up by a couple TDs?

Two TDs, two field goals, and a safety. :smiley:

Shohei Ohtani has 44 HRs on 123 hits. That seems incredible to me that more than 1 of every 3 hits he has is a homer. How does this compare across other batters and other historic seasons?

Bonds had 73 on 156 in 2001. Is there a record rate we could identify given some minimum number of ABs?


Mark McGwire had 29 home runs on 56 hits in 2001 for 51.8% though he only had 364 plate appearances which wouldn’t qualify him for usual percentage statistics.

wasn’t a Mets fan at the time, but this looks very interesting. They were a wild bunch

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I suck at Baseball Reference searches but the Bonds season might be the record for a qualifying batter. Closest I can find is McGwire’s 70-homer season, at 46.1 just missing Barry’s 46.8; he has several other seasons close to that, too.

There were a few interruptions to play from people dashing out onto the field.

From the recap:

Play was paused in the bottom of the sixth after someone seated down the right-field line threw an object into the outfield. Seconds later, a man jumped onto the field and evaded security for about 20 seconds with a series of sprints and dekes. Fans booed when he emerged, cheered when he was finally tackled and chanted “USA! USA!” as he was carried away.

McCann hit his go-ahead home run a few pitches later.

Another man, this one shirtless, sprinted onto the field and interrupted play in the bottom of the eighth.

Former Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun announced his retirement from baseball this morning.

Braun was an outstanding player in his first six years in the majors, winning the Rookie of the Year Award in 2007, and the MVP in 2011. But, after he admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs, he was suspended for part of the 2013 season, and when he returned (and, presumably, was no longer using PEDs), his on-field performance was nowhere near where it had been previously.

The Brewers had bought out the option year of Braun’s contract after the shortened 2020 season, and he did not catch on with another team this year.

What the AL East looks like if you subtract games against Baltimore.

TBR 72-54

NYY 71-57

BOS 73-61

TOR 70-59

What happened to the once proud Orioles franchise? It’s a joke right now watching that team ‘compete.’ Camden Yards has become a place for the players on opposing teams to fatten their stats. I

Speaking of the AL East, the BoSox, Blue Jays, and Yankees are now all tied for the two wild-card spots. Mariners and A’s are fading. Last night Oakland blew a 6-run lead in Kansas City and lost 10-7.

Meanwhile, in the NL, the Cardinals have moved into the second WC spot. Red and Padres are in the midst of losing streaks.

I have never seen two such piss-poor teams as the Marlins and Nats, each intent on kicking the game away to the other this afternoon.

I asked this on Twitter and the response was “Peter Angelos.” I’m not in the Baltimore area and can’t say for sure if that’s true. The Orioles have won stuff before with Angelos as owner.

The line on a local sports radio show was apt; “the Orioles are in a teardown, but it isn’t a rebuild yet.” The team is really awful but if they had a wave of stud prospects en route that’d be okay. They don’t, though, that I can see. The starting lineup is fairly young, but there are no Vladdy Guerreros or Juan Sotos here, except for Cedric Mullins, who is already great and is just old enough that by the time anything else improves he’ll be taking a long term deal with a better team. Ryan Mountcastle could win a home run title someday I guess.

As to the pitching, it’s so hard to tell on a team this bad because when the team is this awful, and boy are they ever, it’s hard to ascertain if the kid with the 5.00 ERA is really that shitty or if he just has no support, especially given that the Orioles are also a very, very bad fielding team.

My wife has become a fervent Jays fan. But on Sunday afternoon we went downtown to a concert, the first in nearly two years. We watched the Jays score 5 in the first inning, then left. Driving home, I stopped at a light, pulled out my phone and said, “Hey Google, what is the Blue Jays v. Orioles score?” Google replied, “The Blue Jays beat the Orioles 22-7.” I said to myself, “Shit, she’s giving the score of a football game.” But she hadn’t.

So the Jays won 3 of 4 from the O,s and now 2 of 3 from the Rays, one of the best teams in baseball. Have to start taking them seriously.

The good news for Angels fans in that they went 5-2 against the White Sox. The bad news is that they went 0-155 against everyone else. :frowning:

Not really 67-72. Actually I consider 2021 a succesful season given that Trout and Rendon both missed most of the season, Fowler the starting RFer went out for the season in April and Bundy, Heaney and Griffen Canning just sucked. But they were able to blood lots of young players and 2022 is looking promising. If there is a 2022 season.

The Angels’ Shohei Ohtani has arm soreness, and it’s possible that he won’t pitch again this season.

That is the luxury of not being in a pennant race. There is nothing to be gained by risking him as a pitcher. He joins Trout, Rendon, Jo Adell, Patrick Sandoval, Chris Rodriguez and Dexter Fowler all out for the season.