MMMM.....Indian food :)

I’m always on the lookout for a new culinary experience, never know when i’ll find a new favorite food, so when i realized there was an Indian resturant just up the road from work, i had to give it a try…

Dear OG is this stuff yummy!, i found another food to add to my list of favorites…

i ordered Shrimp Masala, which came with rice, chutney, cucumber sauce, and papadom, and i ordered a Mango Lassi to finish off the authentic experience

yes, i did get it cooked mild (damn wimpy tastebuds…) but it still has all the wonderful mix of spices and aromas , it just doesn’t set my mouth on fire

i found another favorite place for lunch, geez Dover’s getting risky to a food lover like me, wonderful home cooked Indian food within biking distance, Sushi a quick 5 minute drive away, Moe’s italian subs also within biking distance…

You had some! Hooray!

I’m proud of you…glad you liked it. Next time, get some samosas as an appetizer - food of the gods.

Indian food’s great stuff, isn’t it? I must admit I like mine spicy - I’m that way with most ethnic foods, whether we’re talking Mex or Thai. If you prefer yours mild, skip the vindaloo. (Mmmm…lamb vindaloo!)

Unfortunately, the one Indian restaurant in my county had a fire a few months ago, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to reopen soon. They were very good, too.

Thanks for the assistance in choosing the right stuff, Anaamika, it really is wonderful stuff…

oh, and i totally forgot, add in another couple resturants in the same building as me…

Two Rivers Bakery, handmade artisan bread, made fresh daily, nothin’ better than a olive oil/garlic/parmesan Italian Focaccia bread hot out of the oven, and right next to them, Terra Cotta Pasta, handmade, gourmet pasta…

See, Mac? It’s not just me!

RT, I’m Indian, and even I can’t stomach that vindaloo. I bow to your superior stomach. I just won’t stand behind you. :wink:

Samosas… mmm… or onion bhajis… slavers

Ooh! Lamb dhan sak… gurgle

And I’m just after having lunch! Thanks a lot! :smiley:

I had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

You bastards.

Heh, Anaamika, you’ll enjoy this one, the chef and i got to talking, and i asked him, “how hot is the spicy stuff, really?”

he responded that it was even too spicy for him

i guess the vindaloos are truly nasty…

I still have a week or two left on my diet. I hate all of you.

Last week four of us went for Indian food right from work!!! :smiley:

Saint Paul’s in MO, right?

I don’t think sending some will have the right effect.

I had a Slim-Fast for lunch. I would love some samosas. You are all indeed bastards.

Minnesota, unless it’s a different St. Paul than the one I’m thinking of.

I thought it was St. Paul, Missouri. I’m sure I’ve heard that…in fact I even asked a coworker. Are there two St. Pauls?

I think you’re thinking of St. Louis.

There is a St Paul in Missouri, west of St. Louis near the 70. It has a population of about 1600.

St. Paul is the capital of Minnesota, and has a population of 4.9 million.

If you told me you were from “St. Paul”, but didn’t specify the state, I’d assume it was the one in Minnesota.

It’s still too far to send any rotis in the mail, I’m sure.

Oh, we get Indian food here, I just don’t get out much.

I’m going out to lunch with a friend tomorrow and we’re heading to Mughal Garden. It is an excellent Indian restaurant here in Baltimore.

And get some naan next time! Oh, boy, now I want Indian food!

I think I could live off samosas. droooooooooooooooool

There’s a new Indian place that opened within half a mile of my apartment. I must make my SO go there with me. It’d be a first for him, and he’s way picky, but I’ll convert him yet. Yummy!