Mmmmm...Chicken wings...

I’ve been eating a lot of chix wings lately…yummie…

I marinate them in soy and hoisin sauce, then quickly stir fry them in a wok. After a few minutes I add 1/4 cup chicken broth and reduce the heat. I let them sit, covered, for about 10-15 minutes, then I crank up the heat and stir fry them a bit more with maybe a bit more hoisin sauce tossed in. If I’m feeling south orient or mid-eastern, I’ll add sesame seeds at this point, or maybe Tahini.

Mmm…Hold on, let me lick the sauce off my elbows…


I also do a hot sauce marinade or a BBQ sauce marinade along the same lines. I’d like a good Buffalo Wings type recipe, but I am limited on my supplies here.

Damn, dropped a wing on my keyboard. Forgive mme if annny keys stickkk.


Not of that fancy stuff for my. No sauces or nothing. A perfectly seasoned chicken is just fried and nothing else.

Mmmm…fried chicken…I’m starting to feel all funny inside again.

Align chickie wings on a cookie sheet. Drizzle with hickory smoke BBQ sauce or mesquite. Bake 'til done.

Your recipe sounds lovely too Tomcat. As I’m the only one in the house who would eat it, may give it a go some time soon.

Something discovered recently that is absolutely scrummy is to take a chicken tit, slice a few mushrooms over it and add 5-6 cloves of roasted garlic. Wrap it all in tin foil with just a dab of butter and cook for about 30 minutes or so. Yummy!

Then you have your tea smoked chicken… :slight_smile:

Here’s my buffalo wing recipe:

take a stock pot or other large, deep pan (to avoid splatter), heat to medium-high to high. Put in about an inch of oil. Put in wings. Fry for about 10 mins per side, or until golden brown.

In a large bowl, put about 3 T of melted butter, add maybe a quarter of a cup of hot sauce (I use texas pete) until you have a reddish-orange color (more red=more hot) and a copious amount of garlic powder.

Put the cooked wings into the bowl and mix them with the sauce. (more mixing=more hot). Serve with bleu cheese or ranch dressing and some veggies (i prefer using carrots to celery, but to each his own). Oh, yeah, and beer. Mmmm, beer!

BTW, you need some good ventilation for this kind of cooking. I have a gas cooker I use for deep frying outside (I use a wok for that - works great!). It’s a lot easier to clean up if you deep fry outside. I do catfish and hushpuppies probably weekly in the summer this way. Beer definitely goes well with that, too!

I love chicken wings! BBQ ones dripping with sauce.

Of course, my recipie involves picking up the phone and calling Jeds for delivery, but other than that I’m right there with you!
[sub]“chicken tit”<—heh heh heh[/sub]

Joy! An easy Buffalo Wing recipe! Mmmmm…tomorrow is yet another day…I will have you little wingies, fear not…

I blame the chicken wings that I got on the way home from work on you, Tomcat. And they were pretty expensive, I’ve got to learn that recipe.

I’ve tried making my own, but alas, I have eaten the world;s finest chicken wings, and they are to be found at

The Kingston Brewing Company
34 Clarence Street
Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Trust me. Make a pilgrimage and order their Dragon Wings. You have never had wings like them. You will dream of them. You will want to marry them. I am talking chicken wings as would be made by God Himself.

I make my own wings. I buy a huge bag of wings. Frozen. Then I dump them in a pan.

I then take a store barbeque sauce (big bottle), mix with worchestershire sauce, hot sauce, and cider vingar, plus chili power, cayenne pepper, and parsley. Mix, pour over wings and bake til the sauce is caramelized and goopy. Supergood stuff.

As I am addicted to Buffalo Chicken wings but try to limit my fat intake, I have developed a bit lower fat recipe than An Arky’s. I am sure it won’t taste as good, but your arteries will thank you.

I get the biggest chicken wings I can find…those chicken companies are saving the REALLY good ones for the BCW’s they make themselves and sell for a bunchamoney, the turkeys! Anyway, I broil them until just barely done, and then I put them in a big ziploc bag and dump in a lot of hot sauce and garlic powder. Smoosh them around and marinate the whole mess for at least a few hours…I usually just put them in the fridge after they cool and take them out every once-in-awhile to smoosh them around some more for at least overnight.

I like them straight, but you could serve them with ranch or blue cheese dressing. That will add to the fat content, but hey…you only live once, right?

I like to use the traditional recipe:

Fry the wings in 400[sup]o[/sup] oil for twelve minutes.

Make a sauce by melting 1/3 cup butter and adding however much Frank’s Red Hot (this is the traditional sauce) you want (they say 1/2 cup). I like to shake them in the sauce using a pitcher with a top on it.

Oh, and blue cheese dressing is a must. Use the celery if you have it.

No, no. I’m sure I have he best chicken wings right here in PA. Quaker Steak and Lube, Sharon PA. Num. Go for the Louisiana Lickers and you won’t be sorry.