Mmmmmmm...Hot Chocolate

It’s chilly outside, and I feel a cold coming on. Nothing makes it all feel better than a nice big cup of hot chocolate. I’m having the best hot chocolate in the world (“Chocolat en Poudre,” if you want to run right out and buy some–it’s a little expensive, but so worth it!). I’m feeling lazy, so I nuked the milk instead of heating it up on the stove. But it’s soooo good! I feel much better now.


They make the best hot chocolate in Spain! Nice and thick, with fried dough to dip in it, served at sidewalk cafes. Mmmmm.

The other night I wanted hot chocolate so bad, but all I had was some unsweetened baker’s chocolate. I got so desperate that I melted it, added some sugar, and stirred it into a cup of hot milk.

It was very grainy, but it worked. I gotta get me some hot cocoa mix before winter’s over here… oops, too late.

Who says you can’t drink hot chocolate in the summer? Hot chocolate is good anytime. If it’s too hot, how about some nice cold chocolate milk? Maple View Dairy chocolate milk is the best–it’s so thick you can feel your arteries slamming shut as you’re drinking it. Yum, yum! I’m so spoiled, I can’t drink regular chocolate milk. And then there’s the Double Chocolate Ice Cream…drool…

Can you tell I like chocolate?


Then I bet you would loooove a piece of the dark chocolate cake with chocolate almond frosting that I’m having right now, huh? :smiley:

Heh, I just posted that in the wrong thread before I reposted it here. :smack:

I was recently introduced to Droste, and have developed a 3-cup-a-day habit. I’m even sprinkling the damned stuff on my cereal! Is there any hope for me? :eek:

That sounds yummy! But I’m not too jealous, because I had some fabulous chocolate cake this week–dark chocolate, really moist, with a creamy dark chocolate filling. I’m a good baker, and I can make a decent chocolate cake. My favorite recipe (not cheap to make, because it has a pound and a half of chocolate) is Karen Barker’s Dark Chocolate Peppermint Pattie Cake. That’s good stuff!

Hot chocolate update: Today I’m having “Chocolat en Poudre” with a little Irish Cream. Yum. I might go overboard and have another cup. Maybe with a little almond extract.

Doug, Droste is good, but I can never get the right amount of cocoa to sugar. How do you do it? (BTW, I love your username!)