HHrrrrppffftggt Bwaaahaha

“It’s Smashie, not Smackie, dicknose.”

Hansel that was a ripper, the contempt.

:Feels nose: Hmmmmmm.

Actually, Smashie is the animated little guy with the big hammer. He has had many champions. One version of him resides on this page.

On other topics, the erudite Mr. Dubious, can often substitute for such hoi-polloi as Rolly-Eyes.

Flowbark, those smileys are hilarious. I like the sex one. Too fucking funny!!

I miss Smashie as well. I got a kick out of the little guy when we were on the temporary boards after the Winter of our Missed Content.

I think everyone here wants a pukey smiley. Why aren’t we heard???!!!

Oh my, it gets even better.

Sad face - Margaret Cho imitating her mother
Grinning smiley - “Son, you got a panty on your head!” Or at least a pair of tighty whities.
Winkie - eyes shifted to one side.
Rolleyes - lady with too much mascara.
Confused - alien complete with tesla coil antennae (!!!)

And the Wally smiley looks like it’s saying Fuck!

Like matt_mcl said, it’s a Wally smiley. It’s in honor of a very well-liked and admired member of the SDMB who died in a weird accident. “Putz” was kind of his catchphrase.

And matt, youre so right about the Wally smiley!

I think the highlighted grinning smiley looks like a frog. A frog with teeth.

Nice work, Ilsa_Lund. (But it looks more like a donkey to me.)

Smileys are for cunts.

This looks familiar, but I can’t think why…

[removed Joan Stark’s ASCII artwork]

It’s a donkey unicorn !

Well, I really thougth the pony looks like a donkey… Anyway, they’re both good with A1 sauce :smiley:

Coming back to the emotismilcons (I love the word morph game in MPSIMS :wink: ) I think we need more, but, yes, not too much . Here is one forum where some emoticons went berseck

Some are good though and kinda useful like :beer or ;worship ; others, like the bar are a little bit too much, like, I don’t know… like a donkey unicorn for example?..

I want one that conveys a shrug, “whatever” tone. Not quite as “what a jerk” as :rolleyes:, but more of a “as you wish, I’ve made my opinion known and I’m moving on to other threads.”

Whatever. :rolleyes:

Dammit, Zenster, I was going to summon Chief Scott.

I’m still awaiting the chance to submit my “What the fuck?” smiley officially. It’s for occasions when :confused: just isn’t enough.

Thread about same.

Don’t you think that :wally should say “Asshat!” instead?

someone with a vaugely racist name that wants more smiles? did someone come to the wrong board?

Who’s name do you see as “vaugely racist”?

What happened to Wally?

where’s wally?

I always thought it looked like it was yawning from disinterest. Doesn’t look embarrased to me at all.

Let’s rename it “Yawny”.

After seeing flowbark’s link, I feel the lack of a :not worthy: smiley on these boards, if only for the rare threads where Cecil makes his majestic appearance.