I propose new / replacement non animated smilies

Here are my designs specifically for this board.

Jimm made this one

Not to toot my own horn…alright, so I’m just tooting my own horn here. Anyways, my own artwork.


I liked the “confused” smiley we got temporarily after the last upgrade. He was blue and bewildered, and I thought he was somehow just perfect. Bring him back, please.

I like Jayn’s “about to blow” smiley, and I think it should be added. But I also want one that is truly blowing major chunks.

I will personally suck the blood of thirteen Christians if anything resembling a pukey smiley gets added to these boards.


Hey, making smilies is fun.

I know we can’t use it but I do think Trolly is kinda cute. Make him red and he’s the devil.


Maybe we need a smilie for appeals to the LAW

Of course Mod hats are black.

My pukey smiley.

15 colours, hand-shaded, blahblah.

Sorry, guys. I’m not particularly thrilled with any of those.

I think we should keep most of what we now have, get rid of Wally*, redo the blowjob/embarrassed so it actually symbolizes something (or dump it, too), maybe get rid of JewBoy**. Then, have a contest to see if the general board population wants to add in any new ones (like we’ve done before).

  • no one cares, not relevant anymore, can’t hardly use it anyways, based on a possible fiction, etc… Useless

** no one knows its use, it looks like the Spin Doctors lead singer

Seconded. These are my sentiments exactly.

I use Happy Orthodox Jewish Man all the time. ;j

Speaking as a poster not a mod, may I suggest that this thread primarily focus on specific proposals for an upcoming Smiley Vote? Opinions about current/suggested smilies (e.g. “someone should make a better :p” or “I love the :wally !”) could continue to go in this thread, while this thread could be reserved for links to proposed new smilies and discussion of said proposals.

Just a thought.

See smiley campaign/voting to be set up and etc. in the next few days.

At that time all these various smiley considerations will most likely be incorporated into one thread.


So do I, but as a Spin Doctor! :stuck_out_tongue:

A suggestion for any upcoming vote: Smilies should be bundled into “primaries”, so as to avoid vote-splitting. For instance, there seems to be a significant demand for a “puking” smiley, and there are a fair number of contenders for that. If all of them were run in the general smiley election, then the “pukey” vote would be split amongst them, and it is likely that none of them would win. More fair would be to have a “pukey” primary, to choose which of the pukeys is the most worthy, and then that single smiley could represent all of the pukeys in the general election.

They seem a bit … elongated. IMHO, smileys should be round.

Here’s the smileys I use on my board. A few people are smile-happy, but for the most part messages stay uncluttered; threads don’t look teen board-ish.

Okay, I’d guess this one is for the miscellaneous smilie category.
It is none other than the “gifted” Esteban

People might wonder what possible use can this be? (By that I mean Esteban as well as the Esteban smilie).
Maybe it can be used to convey the sentiment of astonishing mediocrity. It’s the perfect response to a “Doper” who has just posted some grandiose, overblown philosophical “treatise”. You can show them what you think of their imagined self-importance.

It can symbolize the sleaze, shoddiness and “hype” that pervades our pretentious society. Yes, if you give someone an Esteban smilie, you’d better be prepared to take out the duelling pistols!!!

It is fitting for me to state that the Esteban smilie was created using MS Paint !!!
It is to graphics programs what Esteban is to music !!!

I hope it’s not out of place in ATMB to say that I want… no… I demand my money back if there is a f*#$n Esteban smiley on the SDMB.

That is all.

The Doctor

Ah, submitted too early — no offense intended of course, wolf_meister!

The Doctor

I like Chronos’ suggestion. We can have a Pukey party primary, an Embarrassed party primary, a Libertarian party primary, a Labour party primary, etc. And all of the primary winners can run in the general election, with the Lyndon LaRouche smiley get 0.05% of the popular vote.

But seriously, I do like the idea.