MMORPG or MPOG game recommendations please.

Can anyone recommend an interesting and fun MMORPG or MPOG game? There’s a small group of us moving on from a samurai based game and we’re having trouble finding something available and interesting. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Try one of the blade-wielding types in City of Heroes.

Dual Blades
Broad Sword

Hard to make suggestions without knowing what you like and why.

I play LotRO and enjoy it. It has a few major advantages from my angle:

#1: Lord of the Rings. It’s not as true to the source material as I’d like, but it’s pretty okay.
#2: It’s a fairly successful implementation of the WoW formula with some nice twists
#3: It’s not WoW

But if you don’t like WoW-likes, you won’t like it. If you like big raids and tons of exclusive high-end content, you won’t like it.

But you haven’t told us what you like.

You might want to check out the thread on Star Wars: The Old Republic, which just came out last week.

Thanks for helping. What I’m looking for is a game with some fighting, skill building and, of course, lots of social interaction. I’m not into the mafia type games as they seem boring. I’ll check out the Starwars game and the others recommended. The blade games look interesting too.

City of Heroes and LotRO are both free to play, so you could try them out first to see if you like them before spending any money on other potential candidates.

World of Warcraft is now free to play to level 20. Lots of people like it, so you might want to give it a try now that you can do so without laying out cash. You will need some room on your harddrive, however.

RIFT is a good game to look at. There’s often sales floating about the web for buying the game itself at a steep discount, but it’s a subscription-based game, so it will cost a monthly fee.

The game itself is similar to WOW, but more flexible. There’s a lot of choices in how to build your character. It takes some smarts to design a great character, so you might like that aspect. Gameplay is very like WOW, with quest hubs for PVE and set battles for PVP. One new mechanic is invasions of quest areas and even NPC towns by monsters. Players have to fight them back to continue questing.

Also, Guild Wars 2 will be worth looking at when it comes out sometime in 2012.