Have any of you guys dug MMW? I have been into them since Shackman, and I think their music just keeps getting better and better. I am not really versed in the ‘free jazz’ world, but do any of you guys know of any other bands I might want to listen to that are in the same vein as MMW?

If you want to check out a couple of other sick bands, look for The Waz and Michael Wolfe and Impure Thoughts.



I have their 3 latest, plus the album they did with John Scofield (called “a-go-go”). That album and combustication are my favorites.

Here’s a link to the Scofield (sorry if you already know about it, but surprisingly a good number of MMW fans don’t.)

I think it was Scofield who played with Medeski and Wood along with Clyde Stubllefield when I saw them at higher ground in burlington.