What style of Jazz was this?

I caught a live jazz gig last night by a local band which was great but, not knowing anything about jazz, have no idea how to go about finding more music in the same style.

It was a 3 piece group. Electric guitar, bass guitarr & drums. No vocals. Occasionally the music drifed towards a Blues sound.

Maybe not the best description but does this have a particular name? Any recomendations for more music like this?

Erm, that description’s a little vague, but did it have an almost R & B-ish, dancey beat? It might’ve been straight funk, which falls under “jazz” for a lot of people. Check out samples of a band called Soulive on Amazon by way of comparison.

I thought I was the only one here who liked Soulive. If you enjoyed that instrumental setup, you should check out Medeski Martin and Wood. They are an intrumental band with an piano/organ, drums, and bass setup. I believe they are the most exciting and talented band around these days. Another Intrumental band with an entirely different sound than anything you’ve ever heard is the Benevento/Russo Duo. They are only organ and drums, but their sound is far larger than you would expect. I highly recommend checking them out as well.

Maybe it was Spinal Tap Mark II?

Oh, yeah, a lot of jazz is just too cool & bland for me, but** mmw** are crunchy goodness.

Cool- have to see if Pandora has these guys.

MMW are undeniably great, but a little hit and miss for me. The last thing of theirs I really loved was when they backed up John Scofield on A Go Go.

**Love ** Soulive. Though call me a purist, but I’m a little tired of them d*cking around with all the guest stars and vocalists. Their best album for me is still Turn it Out.