MN Vikings can roast in hell!

WARNING: Disturbing content!!
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I’m sick to death of this kind of crap being done by asshat jocks who have been lead to believe they can do anything, ANYTHING and get away with it!

Screw the Vikings. Let Red move the team to San Antonio, Los Angeles or Biloxi for all I care. It’s been arrest after arrest for these clowns. Even Fran Tarkenton turned out to be a crook.

I know these guys haven’t been convicted yet. In fact they will probably walk given the history of NFL players who commit crimes, but the facts speak for themselves.

As a Vikings fan I have to say this story makes me sick. It’s obvious she was raped by somebody and Bouman’s behaving exactly like a guilty fucking prick. I hope that those responsible for this end up on a penitentiary team for the rest of their miserable lives.

I don’t think it’s fair to paint the whole team with this, though.

Friends, friends, friends, you are dealing with a gang, a tribe, of over sized, over paid, over pampered sociopaths whose primary and outstanding character trait is that they are sociopaths (except for the interior offensive linemen). Just what do you expect?

Fran Tarkenton, the man who pronounced the funniest line in the history of Saturday Night Live ( anabolic steroids, the breakfast of champions) is a crook? How so?

I’ve heard from so many people that a certain second string quarterback was much better suited for rocket science or brain surgery. Golly.

D the C has a point though. Some former and current members of the team are good eggs. It’s just another case of 80% of them making the other 20% look bad.

Go Vikings! Take the Twins with you!

They do? What facts?

I’m no rape supporter, and I’m not saying Bouman or anybody else involved here is necessarily innocent, but the linked article struck me as a particularly shoddy and sensationalistic piece of journalism. The facts presented, if any, don’t seem to prove much at all. I won’t argue that it’s not most likely that this woman was raped by some combination of Vikings players, but I don’t think that if the facts as presented here had to speak for themselves in the courtroom they’d have much to say at all.

Fran is so money-hungry he will pitch anything, from Tony Robbins seminars to high-interest money lenders. He realy is sleezy. As to being an actual crook, the MN posters probably know all. Here’s but one item:

Whether or not he is actually a crook, he is an incredibly self-centered individual who fancies himself a businessman. Really, he will do anything for a buck.

I shall smite thee.

What upsets me most is that, just a few short years ago, a certain sportwriter (Reusse - you know, the guy who never has anything good to say) wrote a column about my boys that makes me grin just thinking about it. (For those with short attention spans, this was the year the Vikes were thisclose to winning a Super Bowl were it not for the guy in charge making the quarterback TAKE A FUCKING KNEE WITH THE SCORE TIED WITH A MINUTE LEFT IN THE GAME!!! Not that I’m bitter, or anything.)

What the hell is going on down there? They are, individually, a group of really good players: great talent, good hands, good legs, know how, experience…and then they get out onto a real-life football field and turn into junior high teeny-boppers.

Grrr. :mad:

Reusse is an asshole of the highest magnitude.

Yeah, I know, but his article about Moss catching water in his hands in the Dallas locker room damn near brought tears to my eyes.


Sorry, nostalgia and almosts catching up with me. :frowning:

I had an uncle that would get drunk to the point where you couldn’t understand a damn word he was saying. The first time I heard Reusse’s voice on TV, I was dumbfounded. Where was that voice coming from? I thought my drunken uncle was just outside my apartment door.

Reuisse’s not a big a jerk as Dan Barreiro, though (IMO)

Sorry for the esoteric Minnesota sportswriter references.