What do you think of the Vikings NOW SeekingTruth?


WOW! Best Flame Evar.

eli beat me to it.



That is all. :stuck_out_tongue:

Holy fuck! The Vikings beat the Chiefs?! AND I MISSED IT!?

Fuck, fuck, fuck.

Oh well, I’ll catch the highlights. I feel like doing the Dance of Joy.

Hey, the Bengals beat the Cheifs. How good could those guys be?

(I live in Kansas City and hate the Chiefs. I don’t like football but I like seeing the Chiefs lose…)

You live in Kansas City, and you hate the Chiefs? Why is that? Is this some sort of teenage (I’m against the majority, therefore I am unique and special) type thing?

Creative_Munster, is it now a rule that you have to like the team from the city you live in at all times? Just wondering, because if that’s the case I can never live anywhere but Pittsburgh.

So since I live in Atlanta and hate the Falcons, am I just in some teenage angst phase?

Or is it more likely I lived in New Orleans for years and am a Saints fan? Which is enough to give anybody angst, I’ll grant you that.

And here I thought there was going to be a discussion about how the Viking were really more farmers and fishers than random pillagers.

If she or he isn’t a native Kansas Citian than I retract my statement, if she or he is than my statement still stands.

For Christ’s sakes than = then. Man.

Well, I think they’re one step closer to disappointing you in the post-season AGAIN!


Reviews Chargers and Raiders games.

Seeking Truth, I think you are right. But I like having a post-season to be disappointed about. If my beloved Chiefs are going to disappoint me, better to do it in December and January than in September and October.

Sweet Jeebus, that would mean I’d have to move to <shudder> Detroit! Say it ain’t so, C_M!

I wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone.

Forget Mayfield … where the hell am I going to move? I like the Colts, the Washington team (yes, I know their name), and anyone who plays and/or beats the Cowboys. Does that mean I have to keep 3 homes?

Oh Shit 45-20

Man that was a spanking.

As far as Rabid Child’s comments. It seems like a lot of people in KC don’t like the Chiefs. They haven’t been to the Super Bowl in 30 years so some people find it fashionable to dislike the home team. Then (notice proper use of then) when the Chiefs’ season ends these people can act all superior and flaunt their “told you so” attitiude.
These type of people exist in every town. KC’s pretty easygoing about it so the anit-fan doesn’t risk physical harm.

But I gotta say again - Shit 45-20

[SIZE=1]Tail tucked between legs and running[S\/SIZE]

“anti-fan” - You coulda figured it out- I didn’t really have to correct it

Well, the solution is to have two or three teams. For example, I root for the Saints until they screw up their playoff contention. Then I pick a team I like, and pull for them. The Broncos and 49ers are my usual favorites.