NFL Roll Call - Who do you represent?

Tampa native, so definitely the Bucs. Been a fan since they invented losing, and still a fan now that they’re the best in the world.

Go Bucs!


San Diego Chargers fan here, although hardly rabid about it. I’ve been to one whole game in the 17 years I’ve lived here. No, that’s not right; I left in the third quarter.

However, I’m very pleased with the Bucs for crushing the Raiders, a team I have never liked even when we both lived in L.A. Congratulations “fox”!

I’m a Jets fan, against all logic and hope. Namath made a pact with the devil to win Superbowl III, and, in return, the team will never go back to it.

And, you know, it was worth it. :slight_smile:

I grew up in Wisconsin during the latter part of the Packers’ glory years, and will always be a Packers fan. I now have a Packers “license plate” (the decorative kind) on my car (I live in one of those states that requires only rear plates), so I officially represent them in southern Indiana. :slight_smile:

The Dallas Cowboys…

Wating patiently for their inevitable return to greatness

Ditto on the Cowboys here. I grew up in DFW, and just can’t shake my affection for them.

The Colts for 39 long years. My cross to bear.

I grew up in Pittsburgh while the Steelers were winning Super Bowls. I may have become a fan out of self-defense, but I’ve remained them out of love.

Go Steelers!

The Denver Broncos.

But I’m not rabid at all. Really. :wink:

(cough) raiders (cough)

Steelers! But as pepperlandgirl said, I’m not rabid about it. I enjoy it when they play well, but it doesn’t ruin my day when they don’t.

You didn’t ask, but collegiate: Penn State! (same rules apply)

San Deigo Chargers.


Colts fan for 8 years.

Fan of whoever was playing against the Colts for 10 years.

Ravens fan ever since.

I’ve been a Giants fan longer than I care to remember. Long enough to remember Joe Pisarcik and The Fumble.

That play typified the way things went for the Giants for many years. That’s why, even though the Giants have won two Super Bowls, every Giants fan always expects things to go wrong! We may have been horrified by the playoff collapse in San Francisco, but no Giants fan was surprised: we KNOW that no lead is ever safe!

Colts. You know, the guys with the liquored up idiot kicker.

:smiley: <-- figure it out

What a coincidence, I’m a fan of whoevers playing them :smiley:

I think every one here knows who I root for but just in case you don’t…

lean real close…

that’s it…



I have a hierarchy of teams to cheer for…so as one goes bellyup, I still have the others…and sometimes I still run out!

#1 The Niners - long term serious fan. I won’t add any other comments for the moment!

#2 Green Bay - left over from when I was somewhat (cough) younger.

#3 The Bucs - I was stationed at McDill AFB, and developed a liking for the area.

#4 The Broncos - I used to live in Colorado.

#5 The Seahawks - OK…they have the coolest helmets in the league.

  1. Green Bay

  2. Eagles

  3. 49ers

  4. Raiders

  5. Broncos

in that order right now but always subject to change if i feel like it. i decribe myself a fan of football…not a die hard fan of any particular team. when i was first introduced to football in the 80s, well, it was the cowboys then and for many years but then they went and thought themselves above the law and laws of humanity. that did it for me. :mad:

So ya didn’t ask, but I’ll tell ya anyway… Collage:

  1. BYU

  2. University of Utah

  3. UCLA

  4. USC

Makes for some interesting fireworks at home as Rico is not a fan of BYU at all and he is a BIG fan of USC.

I guess I should point out that I’m the football fanatic of our family. He went into marriage knowing he’d be a football widow. He’s taking it quite well. :smiley:

For many strange and obscure reasons, the Denver Broncos.