What do you think of the Vikings NOW SeekingTruth?

The only thing I don’t understand is people from Minnesota rooting for the Yankees against the Twins. It’s just so… evil.

Or, some of us live in Kansas City, are natives, and still don’t care for the Chiefs; which has nothing to do with acting superior or teenage angst. Sometimes it’s possible to just not like a hometown team.

Aside from which, fans from Kansas City and its large, surrounding metro area, tend to be pretty fair-weathered for both the Royals and the Chiefs. When the teams lose a lot during the season, attendance drops rapidly (although I believe that the Chiefs attendance holds up better than the Royals’), and familiar jokes of:


Attendance picks up quite a bit when the teams do well. We definitely don’t have any Chicago Cub fan loyalty here (with the exception of individuals such as BubbaDog). Rabid fan loyalty usually manifests itself in the presence of the local university teams such as KU, KSU and MU.

I was at two of those play-off games, and the Yankee fans in the crowd did seem like some sort of blasphemy.

Kansas City Royals? :confused:
They’re still around?

No, but you should pick the team you grew up cheering for. And that should be the team from your childhood hometown. Of course, if you moved around a lot or something then all bets are off.

Fuck, I’d have to be a Raiders fan.


Well, maybe the Super Bowl just isn’t for us. It does attract a lot of attention, so people start thinking maybe you think you’re better than them, and all. Plus, I was living in Mpls when the Twins won the World Series, and all heck broke loose! There were people honking car horns at one o’clock in the morning! No one can guess how many people went to work sleepy headed, and drank twice as much coffee as usual, none of it de-caff!

Do we really want a repeat of that sort of unbridled, pagan debauchery again? I think not.

NO WAY! I grew up in St. Louis watching the football Cardinals. I would NEVER route for a team owned by Bidwell. A good year is when the Cards lose Ten Plus.
Of course, since we’re only talking about professional teams then its not even necessary to discuss the Cardinals.


The St. Louis Cardinals??? We’re talking about FOOTBALL, BubbaDog.

What if your hometown/state doesn’t have a football team? Are you banned from being a fan?

Not to mention what happened when the Gophers hockey team took the championship… twice. Wasn’t pretty. :wink:

Outside agitators.

Whoosh or stupid?

Whoosh response: Ha Ha eli. Good One

Stupid Question Resonse: The Phoenix Cardinals (NFL Semi-Pro Football Team) were moved from St. Louis to Phoenix when the people of St. Louis became very tired of Bidwell’s refusal to fund a pro team. After kicking Bidwell and his semi-pro team out of St. Louis the fine citizen’s (many of them being relatives of Bubbadog) aquired the mighty Rams who took their righteous place in history.

Glad to help
Tail’s Wagging again

Well, at least it wasn’t the Badgers. If they won, their popularity would absolutely mushroom.

And I thought it would be about how they’ve given up raping and pillaging in order to seek truth, wisdom, and enlightenment.

I remember the St Louis Football Cardinals, BubbaDog. It was a ha ha. (One wonders if a live cardinal bird has ever set one yellow foot in the state of Arizona…) Why, I even know that the current Baltimore Orioles team used the be the St Louis Browns (who were about as good as the football Cardinals, and once let a midget play just for the laffs).

But what are these Rams you speak of?

Sven the Unready: “OK, guys, one more time and get it straight this time! Its ravage, plunder, pillage, rape…and then burn!”

Ummm, guys? Guys? Am I the only long suffering Vikings fan here that thinks it’s a bit too early to gloat? The cards didn’t fall our way this weekend, so the playoff berth isn’t clinched.

How the Vikings can make the playoffs
[ul]If Seattle loses to San Francisco. The Vikings would be the wild-card. If the Seahawks win, the Vikings must win the NFC North to make the playoffs.

Beat Arizona. That would clinch the NFC North and a playoff berth.

If the Packers lose twice. If the Packers lose tonight against Oakland and lose to Denver, the Vikings would clinch the division even if they lose to Arizona.

Or they could win a tiebreaker. If the Packers split and the Vikings lose, the teams would go to the fifth tiebreaker, strength of victory. The win percentage of teams Vikings have beaten is .481; the win percentage of teams Packers have beaten is .441. [/ul]If the Packers lose tonight, I’m pretty sure we’re in (but that relies on Denver’s final record and K.C.'s final record, strenght of schedule, and high math). We may then gloat. But I’ve been a Vikings fan for too long to have any confidence either way.

Doesn’t matter. Its only a question of what point in time The Curse takes effect.

PS: “long-suffering” and “Vikings fan” is redundundant.

I am only gloating about the Vikings beating the Chiefs. I think it is not too early to gloat about that.

My opinion is this: If the Vikings can’t beat the Cardinals with the playoffs on the line, they don’t deserve to be in the playoffs. They have more than enough talent to beat that team, and more than enough motivation. There’s no way I can play out other scenarios where they go to the playoffs. Just beat the goddamned Cardinals, is what I say. And it’s what they’re saying, too.