"Mob City" on TNT: Anyone planning to watch

Mob City is getting lots of good (good, not great) reviews. Noirish, 1940s LA drama. But it’s only running for 3 weeks.

I’m game. Got my DVR set. It’s also got connections to The Walking Dead through Frank Darabont, and the star is the late “Shane” from that show.

Oh, yeah. Starts this Wed, Dec 4. Looks like 6 episodes.

Thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:

Thanks from me too. I’m not crazy about the actor who played Shane, but it was probably the character I didn’t like.

TNT does some good stuff.

I watched about 30 minutes, admired the way it looked – it’s very pretty – and I liked the music. But then I took it off the DVR.

I didn’t like the gangsters playing those violins. Really? They actually know how to play?

The gunfight wasn’t staged well. It was artistic but unrealistic. The violinists blast away with machine guns, pause so the other guys see them and start shooting back, then more from the machine guns.

And then there’s the guy in the back seat of the car, who can’t get to the stick of dynamite at his feet.

I also didn’t like the speech from the police chief on the steps of the courthouse. He should have been in denial, rather than admitting that there were problems in the department. It’s the 40’s, not the 80’s. That was a quick and dirty 10 seconds to show us that the LA department is defending charges of corruption.

If they’re trying for 40’s noir, they’re not being opaque enough. They’re showing us too much.

I did like the Hecky character. Is that Shaun from Shaun of the Dead?

I watched and might watch the rest but I felt they kinda fell flat in the film noir vibe they were going for. Perhaps it was the same feeling AuntiePam describes as needing to be more opaque. I felt it was just over-wrought and “comic-book” film noir if that makes sense.

And yes, that was Simon Peg from Shaun of the Dead. So we had a zombie alum trifecta - Shane and Dale from TWD and Shawn from SotD.

“Comic book” is a good description. It’s noir-lite.

Since you watched it all, is Neal McDonough’s character dirty? He’s the cop who told Shane to go ahead with Shaun’s scheme and promised him a bright future.

So far, no.

I thought the first pilot episode was pretty good - it got better as it went along, and by the second hour (they seem to be airing two episodes back-to-back again next week) it got pretty interesting, with a very nice “twist” at the end. Didn’t see that coming.