Mobile phones may trigger brain disorders. Or omniscience.

Studies apparently show that electromagnetic waves may trigger brain disorders in brain-diseased patience. Or maybe super powers.

(bolding mine)

So basically, if you’ve got medical problems with your noodle, there’s an approximately 50/50 chance that you may either keel over in an epileptic fit or develop heat-ray vision every time you use your cell phone.

Cool! Or maybe not! It’s really a crap shoot.

Patience? Jeez. It must be the long weekend.

Patients dadgummit.

Where did you get anything about superpowers from that article?

I was being facetious, based on the quoted doctor’s enigmatic “harmful or beneficial” statement. Harmful I can understand. Beneficial? Could it provide ESP, perhaps? Telepathy? The ability to remotely control John Kerry? Ah, to dream…

These are not the 'droids you are looking for… move along… :wink:

The phone has morphed my brain waves in such a manner that I no longer need a phone. I think of the number and the message is implanted into the target’s brain.

Oh yeah, I order out a lot.