Mocking the Purple Heart with "Purple Bandages"


Ok. Enough is enough. I am a swing voter who typically votes for republicans at a slightly higher rate then for democrats, but I am now totally turned off by the continued venom spewed by a subset of republicans aimed at veterans. I know the republicans disavow the attacks as not sanctioned by the party and the distributors of said bandages say they are mocking Kerry, not other vets.


Why do they hate us vets? This looks to be ingrained in the party at this point. They’ve attacked their own (McCain) and of course any democrat (Kerrey from S.D., Cleland, etc.) that comes into their sights. They’ve even clouded the judgement of a man like Bob Dole, who I disagree with on some issues, but was an honorable man. Is it envy? Fear? Ignorance?

Letting “rouge” GOP elements make these attacks and then having the party distance themselves is becoming a regular event. At this point I no longer believe it is the misbehavior of a few, but is part of the GOP’s strategy. This is purely malicious, slanderous politics at its worst.

Yeah, I know its “politics” and will only get worse between now and the election. Well, this brand of politics has well and truely alienated me. I have always worked to understand all the issues and tried not to let dirty tricks from either party sway my judgement.

The republicans just ended my careful consideration with these shameful tactics. Go to hell you cowards.

And I always thought it was those damn lefties who gat painted with the ‘dreaded red’ label!

Sorry. :slight_smile:

Wasn’t it like, one dude? And they told him to stop?

I swear I wish Kerry would grow some balls. There comes a time when you need to step up to the plate yourself, rather than sending out spokesmen. He should take one of those bandaids to Walter Reed, press corps in tow, and ask the guys in traction what they think of it. Kerry should tie it to Bush through the Republican convention and demand that he put one on his own forehead for his next speech. Get your own face on camera and condemn Bush for this by name. Tell people that bravery is not a quality that American’s mock — they will agree with you. And while you’re at it, fire your guy, and find a campaign manager who is not a clueless hack.

Yea, I saw that too. It’s bad enough they mock Kerry’s bravery in combat, but at least I understand why they’re doing it; i.e., it’s a partisan thing and some people will go to inane lengths to bash the opponent. In this case, I believe it is stupid and counterproductive, but certainly understandable.

But what is up with mocking the medal itself? I guess to these people the Purple Heart no longer has any meaning, just because Kerry has a few and their beloved Bush does not. That, my friends, is beyond inane and counterproductive, that is calling the valor of our entire armed services into question and beyond vile. Especially from those who are pushing this “wartime” stance!!

PS – Lib, I suspect Kerry will do exactly what you are suggesting, but is saving it for the maximum effect, perhaps sometime in mid-October. Stragedy, stragedy, stragedy :wink:

You misspelled “strategery”.

I was right

Aren’t the recollections of a 52 year old former Viet Cong soldier enough to convince this guy that Kerry deserved his medals? The guy even said so himself:

Yeah, one dude - one dude who’s a pretty big cheese in the GOP.

Besides, from the CNN story the OP linked to, it sounded as if they were favorably received by a number of GOP delegates. And that says plenty.

No you weren’t. The CBS news piece last night showed video of at least four or five of these bandaged scum.
Someone needs to compile a list of all these jokers so we can let the voters know what type of men are representing them.

Cards, I hope this OP means you won’t be voting for Bush in Nov.

Nah, I don’t doubt there were people wearing them, but there was no GOP plot to get them out there en masse, just some fucking loon bin. It’s stupid and looks bad, anyway.

I recently discussed the various attacks by both sides with one of my Republican friends. He responded in part with

This comes from a man who had previously served in the marines, and wanted to re-enlist after 9-11 (his wife convinced him that he had many important duties to his family which he could not fulfill if he enlisted.) If he felt Kerry was falsely claiming a medal, he would say so in very clear and very angry terms.

After re-reading the OP it does appear that this is in the cards.

I wouldn’t dismiss Morton Blackwell as ‘just some loon bin.’

He’s way up at the top of the Virginia Republican Executive Committee, currently serves on the RNC Rules Committee, and brags that he’s attended every meeting of that commtitee for more than thirty years.

It’s not like he’s just some random schmuck that walked in off the street.

Donno, he might just be pondering it.

I’d like to make myself a choker-style necklace, with a pretzel on it.

Honestly, when I saw the thread title my intention was to come in here and say: Not only is this in supremely bad taste, it’s exactly the type of thing that will turn off swing voters. The Pubs are nuts for doing this.

Clearly, this is the action of a few malcontents, by no means indicative of mainstream Republican opinion. And as soon as this gets discussed and exhaustingly analyzed on every public venue in the land, I intend to publicly disavow any suggestion otherwise.

You would think so, but
its working for them I think we will keep getting this stuff with a wink and a so sorry till the election. Its gonna get uglier and uglier.