Model railroaders, advice for a newb, please!

Just ordered one! Now I need “The Old Man’s” Oldsmobile…

Woodland Scenics makes some really nice N scale cars from the '40s and '50s, including some with lights. A few candidates:

Thanks! But, unfortunately, not the appropriate Olds touring sedan.

True. Then again, at 1/160 scale, only you will know the difference. :wink:

Also still not exactly right, but a little closer: Oxford Diecast (a British company) makes a lot of N scale vehicles, though they are (a) all English/European models, and (b) at the “English” N scale, which is 1:144. Even so, they, too, have some nice models, including this one, the “Jowett Javelin.”

But, but…that would be cheating. And I would know.

I’ve already cheated a bit by using a Dodge van as the base for an N-scale Mystery Machine.

I understand that. In the year-plus that I’ve gotten back into model railroading, I’ve discovered that there are darned few cars available in N scale, and even fewer if one specifically wants models of American cars.

I don’t want to start a new thread for a simple question, but…

was it ever established what the Mystery Machine actually is? I’ve seen real world creations based on mid-60s Chevy van.

and on a Dodge A100.

neither have a spare tire in the front.

Supposed to be a 1938 Oldsmobile Touring Sedan. I don’t see one available in HO or N scale, but there are people 3D printing items on sites such as Shapeways, so it’s only a matter of time before one is available.

I just wanted to pop in again and thank everyone for the advice!

I might be getting ahead of myself, but has anyone got any experience with bridges? I thought to myself last night, ‘What about a figure eight layout that crosses over itself with a trestle?’

This will be the nerdiest Christmas ever!

In my opinion, a simple figure-eight would quickly become boring, though you could always expand it later if you allowed for sufficient space. You need switches and sidings and multiple routes! You can Google “model train layouts” or “model train layout plans” for some ideas.

A bridge is a nice idea. I had one in my HO scale layout, consisting of a trestle system on either side of a bridge that crossed over several tracks below.

When constructing complex layouts, be sure to avoid any situation where tracks meet with reversed polarity. This was the sole advantage of Lionel’s unique and rather ugly three-rail track system. The tracks could meet up any which way because they were electrically symmetrical.

I used an N-scale Dodge as the base for mine and spray painted it the appropriate color. I then downloaded decals for an HO size and reduced them using my color laser printer and decal paper.

I have a bridge in my layout (see post 11 in this thread for my youtube video of it) and you need a gentle slope - otherwise the engine won’t be able to pull carriages up it…

Consider joining a club, too. While it won’t be at home, it’ll be a bigger/better layout that you’d have & could probably learn some techniques from others there.

You could get a bridge and trestle set–there are a variety available, both from the past and current(also [here].

Good suggestions, though I believe this a Christmas layout. Not meant to hold operational interest.

UPDATE: Santa must be a Doper, ‘cause I got a Santa Fe-livery Walthers locomotive for Christmas.. . . or Santa was snoopin’ around my Amazon browsing history.

Track to be built by the end of January (birthday present).

Could elves possibly be KGB?

Silver Streak is one of my all time favorite movies.

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George, gazing at Hilly’s breast: “Yes, very.”

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