Modem-ComPort Interrupt Resource Conflict

I have installed a Supra 288iSp Modem into a Dell 500Mhz Optiplex Desktop running Win98 that when installed by plug-n-play at machine startup ends up on COM4 with an I/O Range of 03E8-03EF and an Interrupt Request of 04. This conflicts with the COM3 port Interrupt Request which is also assigned to Interrupt Request of 04. ---- I cannot resolve this by manually changing the I/O and Interrupt Request. When I un-check the “Use Automatic Settings” box and click on “Change Settings” I get a “settings cannot be changed” message. – Soooo … I get around this by removing the modem in Hardware Manager and (without shutting down the computer) and then adding it back in again using Control Panel ADD/REMMOVE HARDWARE. I’m no9t sure why, but this little process always puts the I/O Range at 02E8-02EF and the Interrupt Request at 05 – and then everything works … UNTIL I TURN THE COMPUTER OFF! Then, for some reason I can’t figure out (even with the “Use Automatic Settings” unchecked), the machine startup process puts the modem back on I/O 03E8-03EF and Interrupt Request of 04 (still on COM4), and this of course conflicts with COM3 and nothing works until I repeat the process of Plug-n-Play again??? Any ideas on how to get around this startup reassignment of I/O and Interrupt Request? Thanks! SCT-Hockeytown (Go Wings!)

the answer might lie in your CMOS setup. Go to the BIOS screen on start-up. usually by pressing the del key. i take it from your post that you would be proficient in these things. look around for irq settings in the CMOS settings… change any auto to manual. also try clear NVRAM at reboot. see if u can disable COM3 from the BIOS. also try to do that from Windows. If you disable COM3, in theory it shouldn’t conflict with COM4. and u won’t be needing COM3 till such time as you install some other card.

these are just my first thoughts on reading your post… try this stuff for now and i’ll come back later when i find the time…

You’re right! It worked - I disabled the Com Ports and now the conflict has been resolved! Thanks a million! Steve