Moderation in the More Jokes thread

Or, instead of coming up with a new explanation every time Hari doesn’t read a thread he mods, we could just admit he is totally disconnected from the threads and the people he mods.

If you could show me he has some sort of history of meta jokes I may agree with you. As it is, we know he has a history of not reading time stamps or threads so I’m going to go with that. The last thread complaining about this was only a couple of days ago. Horses, not zebras.

Is Hari also paying you for that service, or is it more of a pro bono thing?

Somehow, I have the feeling Hari wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire. However, I am open to any poster sending money my way. My only concern is that bob_2 does not feel left out by not being on anyone’s shit list. I know it can be lonely to be excluded from a group and since I like bob_2, I’m willing to put in the extra work to make him feel included.

Self esteem issues? If it is any help, be reassured I’d piss on you, fire or not. :+1:

Excellent! You’ll be my first call. Keep up with the beer intake, I’m gonna need you well hydrated at all times. :beers:

I like the idea of a six pack of beer behind glass saying, “IN CASE OF FIRE DRINK THIS”.

And with that, let’s put this thread to rest.

Oh, I’ll piss on you any time you want.


Mobile users can ‘click’ on the 7H and it pops up with the time, too.

And with that, let’s put this thread to rest.

(Line forms to the left)

I would be, but you would get the time wrong and not bother to read the thread. You know, like you do in all the threads that you try to mod in. What I don’t understand is if you can’t be bothered to do the job why don’t you just give it up? Not everyone is cut out to be a mod, and you are a prime example of it. Just call it quits before people run out of excuses for you doing the same thing over and over. At the rate you are going they will soon have to use the supernatural to explain all your mistakes.

You know, refusing to address issues, problems, questions, etc. that some posters may have is not a good look. You are a moderator for Christ’s sake!

Yet, you have the time and inclination to come and tell a poster you would definitely piss on them anytime they want.

Can someone explain what this singular “point” in the OP is that EinsteinsHund addressed and no one did?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that amongst consenting adults.

Frankly, I didn’t get it either. I was not really supporting the point of the OP.

That’s partly why I’m so bewildered about the OP’s indirect dismissal of all the previous replies.


Why the hell should he respond to people who are clearly attacking him?

It’s not like someone just came in and asked why he gave the second note. Then I could agree he should respond. But it was only brought up by posters who were clearly using it to attack the mod in question. Sure, maybe if it was a big deal, he might should address it anyways. But it’s not.

When posters who are hostile towards you try to edge right up the line of pitting them in ATMB, I have no problem with the mods not responding. And, when they snark at them, I have no problem with the mods snarking back, like Hari did.

If you want responses, you should be required to be civil.

I thought maybe he misread your sentence about the quote-altering rule, and believed you were agreeing with him that it was “draconian.”

And yet they’re mentioning, no, bragging, that you’re their chairman.