Moderation in the More Jokes thread

Oh well, in this case I’m flattered, because this is the first time that I’ve been the chairman of anything. Even if undeserved.

But he did respond. Remember? He told the OP he would be happy to piss on him anytime.

I knew you when.

I closed this thread hours ago.

You have been told this before. You are certainly allowed to discuss the moderation here, as long as you are reasonably respectful while doing so. You cannot go on Pit-style rants against moderators, and you cannot attack or harass the staff.

Since you consistently refuse to obey these rules, you are hereby topic banned from discussing Hari or his moderation.

Note to all: As TubaDiva used to say, nowhere in the registration agreement does it say that you get to beat the mods like a stubborn mule. While you are all free to discuss any moderation action (again, be respectful and obey the rules of ATMB, this isn’t the Pit), you are not allowed to attack or harass the staff.

Since the actual moderation issue brought up in the OP has been addressed, this is closed.