Sorry to do this, but the thread was locked before I could respond Re: Moderation in the More Jokes thread

OK, I mistook the Mod Note for a Warning. Why was that?

  1. It was a strongly-worded passage about a rules violation, followed by “Do not do this again.” What kind of statement is that? Looks like a warning.
  2. It had a yellow background. Yellow usually means warning. Might I suggest a different colored background for “Mod Notes”?
  3. There was no indication in the text that it was a “Mod Note.”

Reason why I used the term “mod shit list”: Mods have discussed before what factors they consider when determining whether a poster should be suspended or banned. They look at the posting history, including warnings. You may not have such a list, but you can clearly generate one. I don’t know whether this includes “Mod Notes” or not, and I’m sure there’s some checkbox you can click to leave out “Mod Notes” when generating your list. Why would you? If you’re considering posting history, you’d certainly include “Mod Notes” for more information. If bob_2 pings mod radar in the future, “Mod Notes” will serve as a list of previous transgressions.

My use of the term “draconian”: OK, it was hyperbole. I admit it. Complaints usually are.

Now that the technicalities are out of the way, my original point stands. bob_2 did not intend any malice or misquoting, so he doesn’t deserve the “Mod Note.” Are there any more hairs I need to split?

This was answered in the other thread. Don’t start another thread just because you didn’t like the answers.