Moderator request: PLEASE don't put Harry Potter Spoilers in Thread Title

Last time a Harry Potter book came out we had a sticky telling peeps not to put any spoiler to the book in a thread title. I’m just creating this thread to ask people not to do it this time either.
OK I’m far too old to care about spoilers in a childrens book, but I do.

Yes please! While I can read very fast, I love to savor a good book & make it last, hate to see it end! I plan to take my time reading this one and would hate to see a spoiler before I’m finished.

A good idea. And I’m making this an official Moderator Request of Posters.

The book is just out, there are many fans who are eagerly anticipating but will not be reading it for some time, and so please: be careful not to reveal anything that will spoil the surprises or plot for others!

Not just in thread titles, but in first posts (that can be read by a mouse scan-over); and please be sure that threads warn of spoilers.

You create a spoiler box by typing {spoiler} at the start and {/spoiler} at the end, only use square brackets [ and ] instead of curly brackets.

Ah. I saw this thread and wondered “When the heck did Bippy become a moderator?”

I find it interesting that this sort of announcement has to be made whenever a Harry Potter book comes out, but not when, say, a Star Wars or Batman movie comes out.

THANK YOU! I (and many others) never read the books until the paperback comes out, but I’m looking forward to it, too! I can dodge the threads that are clearly marked, but please don’t sneak one in on me!

In GWTW - Atlanta burns

Do I dare to read that? I haven’t clicked on it yet. Mr Bus Guy, is it innocent?!?

Would I do that to you?

yes, it’s fine. It’s my “I worked too much today and need to go home before my nrain explodes through my eye sockets” attempt at humor.

It’s about another book of the non-Harry-Potter persuasion. A joke, presumably. You should be okay to click.

For the curious, my nrain rests in my skull when my brain runs away.

Well, your problem is probably that you have a “nrain”. You need a “brain”. :stuck_out_tongue:

But I read the spoiler, thanks. What a fascinating piece of info.

I’d also recommend that any people who enjoy (spoilers in the link!) [] avoid it until you’re done the book.