Harry Potter #7 - Relaxation of Restrictions (Security reduced to Yellow)

OK, it’s been almost a week since the release of the book. We imposed tighter spoiler-restrictions (mainly, confining spoilers and discussion of the book to one thread) because we knew that many (many!) of our members didn’t want to be exposed to any spoilers. A week later, our assumption is that [del]the most fanatical[/del] – er, those who felt strongest about avoiding spoilers – have now read the book. We therefore are lifting the extra restrictions. It’s a complicated book, and there will be multiple questions/topics and therefore we should allow multiple threads.

Please note that our standards of good manners and courtesy still apply, which means that spoilers should be warned or boxed. Some people don’t mind spoilers, some people don’t want to see spoilers. We need to respect those who don’t want to see spoilers, and do our best to help them avoid such.

Perhaps you mean that it should state “open spoilers” rather than actually revealing them?

Multiple choice responses:
(1) Er, yeah, um, sorry.
(2) Well, if you’re gonna insist on using proper English, we’ll never get anywhere.
(3) The title should reveal the term “open spoilers”; the quote marks make it different from saying that the title should reveal the actual open spoilers (no quote marks.)*
(4) The word “reveal” comes from the French, “reve” meaning dream and the Arabic “al” meaning the, hence titles should not dream the spoilers. Perfectly sensible.

  • [sub]Only humans can practice the fine art of weasling… well, and the weasle, of course.[/sub]


So, you feel save Dissing Dex because you figure our New Owners will shut down the board, or you have video of him with a duck or something?

It’s not a dis if it’s the truth.


Wait, am I missing something? I’m supposed to be afraid of him?

You gonna let me suck up, or not?