Because I post here much less frequently than back in the old AOL days, I was just wondering . . . all the other forums have moderators listed, but not this one. Is this the only unmoderated free for all on the SDMB? Or did I miss something somewhere. I mean, the thought of not having Lynn, Patrick, or Dex looking over my shoulder is rather unsettling. Ben might sneak up on me! HORRORS!

“Its fiction, but all the facts are true!”

Lets vote for GD moderator!(that’s Great Debates, NOT goddamn.)

I nominate Lynn because she doesn’t have enough to do. And she hasn’t kicked me out.

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”
Hunter Thompson

Ed has put out a notice asking if there’s anyone interested in moderating, hosting, and otherwise helping out. Responses are solicited.

The current moderating gang is too busy to handle yet another forum where you guys bite and tear at each other. We’re all sort of unofficially keeping an eye on this one, just in case, but formal moderators are needed.

Perhaps I should volunteer? My credentials include hosting the AOL SD “Big Questions” chat hour. A somewhat staid, but remarkably civil, symposium.

Best regards from Deborah

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My vote for moderator is Jerry Springer. And all his minions, of course - it could get nasty in here and we might need all those off-duty cops to keep the peace. But wow, just think of all the integrity that Jerry could bring to this forum!

Moderator? We don’ need no steenkin’ Moderator…

[[Perhaps I should volunteer?]] Deborah

Uh, I think you have to apply.

AHA! DavidB is our new moderator!

Who are you, DavidB, and why should we fear you?

“Its fiction, but all the facts are true!”

Well, if you’ve been following the various threads around here, you probably already know a fair amount about me.

Why should you fear me? You shouldn’t – as long as you don’t post spams or ads, flame people terribly, abuse the system, use excessive profanity, etc. If you do that, then TubaDiva has given me permission to kill you. Oh, wait, she was joking. I think… :wink:

While I’m obviously a new moderator here, I’ve been moderating message forums for years (I think it’s been about a decade, actually). If anybody is familiar with FidoNet, that’s where I spent my time 'til I decided it was mostly dead and moved on. At one time or another, and for varying numbers of years, I moderated the POLITICS, SCI&TECH, SKEPTIC, MUSIC, FMS (False Memory Syndrome), CHURCH&STATE, and some other conferences; I was even Asst. Mod. of the UFO conference! I was also the net coordinator and net echo (conference) coordinator for this part of Illinois, meaning I not only had to deal with people on conferences, but various Sysops as well. Fun.

In other words, I’m rather used to moderating hotly-debated areas. Frankly, even including the trolls around here (and I know I’m setting myself up on this one), so far this group is 100% more well-behaved than the Fido folks. (It wasn’t nicknamed “Fight-O-Net” for nothing, I guess. :slight_smile: )

So, any other questions?