Baseball prize and talkshow hosts - why are these great debates?

A question regarding “Great debates”: How come the Baseball rookie price and a talkshow leader’s change in attitude towards GW Bush, are in Great debates? The description “great questions of our time” seems not to fit neither of these two threads. Or am I missing something here?

It’s the moderator’s judgement call.

There’s really no other place for debate here. IMHO is more for just asking people’s opinion, and debate is frowned upon in the pit because things can get out of hand there. Or at least that’s been my experience.

Well, IMHO is also a sort of “Great Debates Lite”.

“For frank exchanges of views on less-than-cosmic topics.”

In My Humble Opinion? NOW OPEN!

To some of us, the Rookie of the Year debate is of cosmic importance. :slight_smile:

But really–GD tends to lend itself to a different style of debate than IMHO. Also, there are a group of GDers whom you can count on to really get down to the nitty gritty.

Whether the OP chooses IMHO or GD probably depends on where he/she wants the thread to go.

I seem to remember the Great Debates forum description incluing as an example “Kirk vs. Picard” or something like that. But now that I think about it, that was probably before IMHO existed, so nevermind. Ignore this post.

Thanks for your replies. It seems GD is a little different than I first thought. Rather than focusing on the topic, I should perhaps focus on what type of discussion I’d like when I choose to post a topic.

I actually think it’s a bit of a pity, I sort of liked the idea of a forum exclusively devouted to global issues affecting a large part of mankind. But as Green Bean points out - what is of “cosmic importance” is of course highly subjective and also determined by what society and culture we live in.

Also, the talk show example you gave seems to be rather political in nature, and anything political has a strong tendancy towards Great Debates. It’s a short step from “What views do talk show hosts have of Bush” to “What views should talk show hosts have of Bush”.