what is a great debate?

david b:

Gaudere said:

link to thread: sarcasm, name-calling and pit stuff

lynn…about my thread?

is this a general question, or could it qualify as a great debate?
anyway…im putting it in the great debates, for thats where it all began.

bj0rn - back at the beginning

Actually, it’s just irritating.

sorry, but i think youre lost, the pit is over there > the BBQ pit

bj0rn - have a nice day!

[Moderator Hat ON]

Not this. Complaints regarding the administration of the MB go in the Pit, not Great Debates. If you want to gripe about our choices in moving threads, go do it there.

[Moderator Hat OFF]

i was asking what a great debate is…not complaining about the administration of this message board.

bj0rn - with all due respect

Oh, no! Not another one!

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You’re asking about why topics get moved. That’s a question regarding the Straight Dope administrator. That’s why your topic is here. As for your other thread, it’s here because it also asks about why we (the administration) allow certain types of behavior. Or at least, that’s what I THINK it said. I frequently don’t even read your posts, they are too difficult to understand. Frankly, I’m not inclined to spend half an hour trying to figure out what you mean.

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Whoever is putting money in bj0rn’s mouth and pressing his nose, please stop.

There’s no payoff. Only gibberish.

ok lynn, thanks.
but it still hasnt aswered my question.
what is a great debate?

bj0rn - hmmm…it seems that every road i take, turn right back to the pit…

OK, I’ll answer your question.

Anything but THIS.

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"You know how complex women are"

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

coldfire: reasons?

this is like a kid answering a question with: “because”.


Because I’m bigger than you. And I’ll tell Dad if you don’t stop.

A great debate is something that you are incapable of participating in, much less generating. Trust me. Stick with your strengths, bj0rn: being a punching bag for the Pit dwellers.

Let me explain something to you, bj0rn. “What is a Great Debate” is not a great debate, since the answer is in writing on the message board. You can go look at it. It’s not up for discussion.

Granted, a discussion about the value of sarcasm in writing (not so much irony, since it’s basically the backbone of countless great literary works) could exist in the GD forum if it were set up by someone a wee bit more competent. What you remind me of is a person from Plato’s Cave (the Pit), who, upon emerging, is both blinded and fairly confused. Just stay in the Pit, it suits you.

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wow…through all that pit stuff and flaming, rousseau accually agrees with me!!!

bj0rn - ill be happy for the rest of the day :slight_smile:

I did not say that. Your thread does NOT meet the qualifications of a great debate. I said that a GD thread on the topic was plausible, but only if it did not involve you in any way.

“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” -Winston Churchill

Perhaps I can be of assistance.

bj0rn: subject maybe good as debate. but original poster lacks intellect to get message across. someone else do it, ok. you do it, not so ok.

And if that doesn’t work: oeba wakku maki loute gehu fiulode ghufe nibawi!

Either he gets it now, or I just called his sister a goat felcher in Icelandic :smiley:

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"You know how complex women are"

  • Neil Peart, Rush (1993)

:slight_smile: my oh my…two of my favorite posters writing to me…

its always nice one is being judge from the view of perfection. it makes the goal look so close.

because i am expecting different answers to the question “what is a great debate?” and provided examples from the moderators(which was considered to be a complaint). i belived that the all answers could be “correct” but debatable. hence my thread in the great debates.

bj0rn - gee whiz…didnt you know that?

A Great Debate is:
“For long-running discussions of the great questions of our time, e.g., man’s fate, free will vs. predestination, Kirk vs. Picard. This is also the place for religious debates and (if you feel you must) witnessing.”

End of story. So there you have it, bj0rn, a concrete in-writing answer to your question. Erego, the question (“what is a great debate”), is not a Great Debate.

Coldfire, try speaking in bj0rnese: debate is criteria of great debate but poster does not have logic and so cannot create. debate is pen and so illogical cannot realize communication. or is it not possible?

Rousseau- cup of soup?

“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” -Winston Churchill


i belive you are full of shit
yankee scum opressing my tiny country. leav now or be killd by 1000000 hamsters wearing clogs.

coldfire - is the devul realy fom luxemburg?

you two seem to be having fun…

so, because its not in the list, it cant be a great debate eh?

should i have said “how do you define a great debate?” or “what charecterizes a great debate?”. i really do not think i matters. for almost every subject can be “debated greatly”.

bj0rn - right…