modern chinese classical

Are there any composers or recordings people would recommend of modern Chinese symphonic music or modern takes on traditional Chinese music. I guess classical, but not western and not ancient, if that makes sense. (Also, not military band or patriotic stuff.) Thanks.

I think what you’re looking for is Tan Dun - not my cup of tea, but a widely-recognised composer who certainly fulfils ‘east-meets-west’ criteria.

On the other hand, the Yellow River Concerto might be more what you’re after - a progaganda tool for the Chinese not through it’s triumphalism, but by it being composed by a “composers’ collective”. The truth of which is, ummm, questionable… Nonetheless, a passable piece of Romantic piano writing.

Thanks. I also ran into the works by A R Rahman which are excellent and some of the Silk Road Project albums.

Any more artists?

According to the liner notes, The Butterfly Lovers violin concerto is “the most popular of all Chinese compositions.”