Modern Family 3-23

Was this the first episode that explicitly confirmed they live in California?

Who cares? Nathan Lane! :wink:

I don’t know. But while looking for the answer I learned that the Christopher Lloyd who wrote and produced Wings, Frasier and Modern Family is not the same Christopher Lloyd who stared in Taxi and Back to the Future.

My world just grew a little bit bleaker.

I think the episode where Claire went off on her crusade against the neighborhood speeder who turned out to be a major client of Phil showed CA licence plates. Good episode. I liked how Cameron just let Haley go on and on before handing her Dylan’s shoes.

Now mine, too :(.

Sure, I’ll admit the man who starred in those shows has a bit of a one-note acting style. But to label his acting by his trademark stare seems a little extreme.

They didn’t drive too far to get to the Lakers game.

Yeah, I suppose I should have included a little more about the episode with my OP :), it was indeed a fun one!

The whole restaurant scene was a riot!

As far as I’m concerned, the first establishing shot of the exterior of Cam and Mitchell’s apartment house told me they were in SoCal, but I’m guessing that’s not what you meant by “explicit.”

I think Luke explaining that they had oxygen in their house too, but not in tanks, then holding his breath to head for the back yard was the funniest bit in the series yet.

Seemingly throwaway, but priceless.

I lovedlovedloved this episode. One of the best. The restaurant scene was priceless. That shot at the end of the two guys in the convertible wearing sunglasses and with the dog- I get warm and fuzzy all over just remembering it.

Except for the Dunphy family. They’re a lost throwback from 50’s dumb-dad sitcoms.
Dang. I’ve always thought that was the same Christopher Lloyd, too. :frowning:

Haven’t seen this ep yet, but I believe in the “Airport” episode from last year, they were explicitly at LAX.

I loved that scene!

Yes! I snorted out loud, scared the cat.

Fourth in agreement. The lead up jokes showing his naivete about needing oxygen were funny, but the payoff joke was classic! I also liked the return to the oxygen with the admission of being a firefighter later on and the look of “we’re such jerks” on Phil and Claire’s faces.

I enjoyed Mitchell’s observation that Jay did end up marrying Gina Lollobrigida after all.

Good episode. Love the show.

I LOVED the flashback to Jay drunk the night before shouting “ITS A DATE!!”

Oh man that was such a great episode. Especially to come back to after a few weeks with no episodes.

That was good but I thought the funniest part was Haley talking about how good a babysitter she was and how she was watching Luke now, meanwhile in the background we see Luke playing with large knives.

For some reason I really liked the dialogue between Jay, Gloria and Manny at the concert hall.

“So I have to try new things I don’t want, like scrambled eggs, but Jay never has to try different stuff?”

“You’re tearing this family apart!!!”